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Chance for those who bought ATH, and lost.


>>>dadi cloud/r/92je55k3vz

CEO of company already have huge experience in PHP framework such as Symphony ;) it's used all over the place.

This will be big!

Use my ref, and share your's anon ;)

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could 1 bitcoin be worth over 100 million trillion dollars one day

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Why did the USD price of ETH on kucoin just break from the market norm? We’ve been up at 1150, 10% higher then everyone else for about 30 minutes now. Anyone know why this happens? Does it last?

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KCS price being manipulated into whale buy order at $9.30


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truly anon, you're ugly af
weird ass mf nose smdh

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you can't escape the goy matrix.

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Not a coiner, and I just invested like 20 bucks on litecoin.

What's the TL:DR of what is happening?

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Some non discord PnD group just screwed me over so I’ll get my vengeance here

KCS and Kucoin coins were just purposefully price manipulated over the last 24 hours. The whales are accumulating and about to pump. Please fuck them over before they can accumulate

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Have 300 to invest. Please tell me the 3 coins that can x3 potential by the end of the month. Poor fag here. I've done my own research but want to hear from you fags to cross check before I dive in.
Pajeets stay the fuck away. This isn't a street so don't shit here.

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I’m all for making money off crypto, but why do coiners have such a hard time understanding balanced inflation is a good thing and deflating currencies like bitcoin, have a negative affect on economies.

Is biz really this dumb or actually just 12 year old pajeets?

I’d also mention how fractional reserve banking is more beneficial then it is destructive as far as wealth creation but I will just get labeled as (((them)))

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If u fuckers want free eth from a whale sign up with mine


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Before you leave you should register with my invitation bonus from Kucoin


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Drunk whale here and I’m feeling generous

Use my code and I’ll send u a random amount of eth depending on your post number


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How do we know all the exchanges are holding 1 for 1 if we don’t get the keys?

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Chill dude. This is the preparation of the biggest bull run in crypto history.

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Last 2 days to get in the LineageNetwork ICO and get our wage cuckdom.

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stupid pajeet troll

go back to plebbit

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>girl at work starts telling me how her boyfriend started buying Bitcoin
>brags that he started with $400 a couple weeks ago and managed to turn it into $600
>"wow that's impressive"
>she asks if I know anything about Bitcoin
>whip out my 200k blockfolio
>she whips out my dick

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Weak FUCKING hands. Stay poor normie

My BNTYstack just got bigger

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ripple is being pumped and soon will be dumped

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