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We're all gonna make it brothers.

Stay strong.

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Write a will and my little brother will be my heir. If I die in a freak accident, he will get my gains and live the life I never got to experience.

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Never been so thankful for CMC until it went down.

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Pls be serious anon Ive made it if youre serious

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I know some of you might give me shit but I am tripping balls right now on mushrooms and honestly I'm just thinking about this whole crypto shit and how I have been here for the last 10 months shitposting with lots of you guys and making money and shit and it's just some god damn beautiful man idk. Like i've died laughing at some of the shit here, I survived the bear market, china ban, influx of recent cryptomarket, and all this other shit and it's just been so much fun. maybe yeah i should be putting my time in other things but fuck it im not perfect but im trying and I don't even care if the whole thing crashes at this point I have a such a postive time here with everything... it's such a good break from all the bullshit in this short life that we all live and it's just so nice to spend it with you all :)
love you all and let's all make it... and if we don't all make well at least we made some great fucking memories!

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am i missing it or something? somebody help


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>be literal poorfag (19, 35k family income)
>accidently click on /biz/
>seeing a lot of hype on alt coins
>decide why not
>Buy LINK at 10 cents cause of random shill thread
>Now at 12x my investment
>spend days researching coins to diversify
>no longer thinking about my ex
>making comfy gains
>could potentially move my parents out of the hood and afford my mom's leg surgery

Thank you /biz/

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at what point do you just accept your losses and sell?

does the "buy high sell low" meme still apply after you've been hodling for months?

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>put $500 into CV2 months ago before the coin swap
>nearly sold COLX multiple times but some beautiful anon always convinced me not to
>that $500 is now worth nearly $30k and still going up

Is this what it feels like to finally make it after a lifetime of pain and suffering?

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Please God be true. The King will set sail on its final voyage into the heavens.

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80% down from my peak 2 months ago...

I started earlier this year so I guess I am to the oldfags from much earlier, but the truth is that BTC is getting unparalleled coverage now, even much more than the crash back in 2013. Having my friends show me on snapchat this collection of snaps (i think that's what it's called) where it's saying everybody and their grandpas (literally) are on bittrex and coinbase made me want to puke

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Who else here have less bitcoins than when they started because they're still holding alt-coins despite the altmageddon?

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i am not luck in crypto recently, all fail, but always think you have to think in yourself of the future

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Cuz i have no frens

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Bless you anon. Glad to see my thread has brought some people some happiness!

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Smart money got in at ICO, dumped at the top and bought back in at 3k sats last week

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so many GA bros in this /comfy/ thread

we're all gonna make it

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Has anyone else been driven to insanity by XRP's continual decision to shit the bed and drop 500 sats at a time.

It's been oversold for like three days straight now, I keep thinking "it can't go much lower."

When will it enddddd

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meme's like this makes me so confident for Arks future

It's beautiful anon I have tears, thank you Chang

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Look what happened to dnt and zrx a few days after it came out

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For years I have wanted to stop renting and save up enough for a deposit on a house. - 20% deposit in my area is 60k USD.

My family will have somewhere to call their own. Where we can hammer OUR pictures into the wall as we fucking please.

Now I will have enough to finally stop paying Mr. CHingChong for the privilege of paying for is investment.

God Bless Bitcoin. Got Bless Biz you glorious fucking bastards for getting me onto this.

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Can anyone pump bcash to .15? Thanks

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