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>You'll be able to stake up to 10k LINK per lp after a year

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Excerpts From a Post: It is all very real. I know what I am telling you is true. There are others here as well.

...So the man that did return came and made his claim and made it in such a way as to be a good time joke. So he was at first observed. Some people are such observed by secret societies as if they were the television programs of the day for the elite. And such was the case of this nobody.

However the story just kept growing over decades, and it has more twists, that it gained more ground in the conscious state of the planet. However the story had problems such that the nobody was seemingly unaware that he himself was a product of the dark order of the evil end of secret societies. They thought he was a mind control slave going mad. They thought many things of him but they were wrong because their minds betrayed them as they were acting as their own bias gatekeepers from the truth.

Even now their wispers credit him for being some type of super genius pulling off a feat so great it is mind bending, but that's just their own minds not willing to see that he was in fact telling the truth the whole time.

... there are forces. These forces can be effected by the free will event that is in the human condition...

And this "Nobody" who started out being more a joke then jester slowly over time became a well known (professor) of things beyond their understandings. Things they have had to pay dearly to find out and even in their knowledge are only babes learning. And the nobody knows more then them. And they don't know how. But some are finding the faith required to see it.

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I love how you have a collection of these pictures

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This is just poop on a screen at this point. The final phase of a socialist's "argument", stomping their feet and saying you're stupid over and over again.

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"rich retard" please

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Im all ears anon

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Patience my child

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Imagine if Obama was held to this level of scrutiny. Any little thing that could be taken out of context and construed as "against the law" immediately and gleefully weaponized against him by the mass liberal media syndicate.

Here's the real news flash: No one gives a fuck. Everyone has tuned your retarded asses out. Trump is winning 2020 and you're going to have to go back to winning on actual politics and not scandal fabrications.

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of every retarded shitcoin I've seen pajeeted all over this board, Zuckbucks is officially the stupidest one.

it's a literal joke coin. it's not even a funny joke coin like n*coin or pepecash. yet people on this board are buying it thinking that someone else will be retarded enough to buy an unfunny joke coin at a higher price.

I remember when shitcoins at least pretended to have a real-world use case. to have gone from that to shilling literal joke coins on /biz/ really underscores the absolute state we're in.

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I've realized there really is no happy ending for feelings. Either she leaves you (really sad), cheats on you (really sad), or you see her die someday (really sad). In any scenario you've become dependent on something impermanent and non reliable.

The independent life is a little hollow sometimes but at least you don't have to feel that soul crushing sensation of loss.

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comrade has left the room

cheers mates

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go to university and get a degree in something employable
listen to what the normies tell you to do and you'll get a job no problem

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Why are you so gloomy all the time /biz/? Life is fucking amazing, just list all of the things going for you.

Got myself an amazing job, great pay, near full autonomy to choose what I want to do, when and where, good company and better colleague's. The experience is basically giving me access to anything I'd want to do in the field.

Gonna buy myself a nice house soon. Working is the best thing that happened to me.

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Lets here it fine sir

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>tfw short liquidates at 12100
>tfw came within 100 dollars on those green dildos
>tfw still gunna make it
fuck margin trading bros, shits too stressful

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There are environmental factors actually. People who live in swamps and tropical environments tend to be filled with parasites (worms) that make them anemic and more tired compared to the same race in closer climates.

Which is why both blacks and whites in southern states tend to not work as hard as the blacks and whites in northern states.

Modern medicine has alleviated this somewhat but in poorer countries, this is still a thing.

Also... If you want to vomit or makes friends vomit go google tropical parasites and collect some pics.

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The weirdest part is that the eternal enemies of Big Business, the leftie hippies/socialists/etc., have actually been tricked, across the board, into sucking corporate dick due to campaigns and chicanery like this. Rather than having one side vehemently oppose and work to break them down, they just have minor resentment from both sides but are ultimately ignored as the masses wage war over kids menu social issues like abortion.

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>tfw my gf is interesting and pretty but literally bipolar 2 and almost unbearable to stay with long term

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I will and do, $2,000 at a time.

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technical support, doing stuff on mechanical turk, taking surveys

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I'm sorry

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