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yes we made it, anyone who cant see docusign is scaling up to digital agreements with chainlink is a complete, and i really mean COMPLETE dumbass. Just need to be patient for all this to take affect

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hands down the best way to put it

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that makes me want to buy some more... few days till money rolls in then i can finnaly buy some more linkis

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you know what sold me OP? this pepe
and maybe that i read the fucking whitepaper

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thats what i am thinking too. i have 10k which i wont touch for a long time. now i want another 10k which i can blow in the meantime

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just bought 10k

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old news man, been running a node with them for like month and a half now. Isnt linkpool offering what fiews does for free? Like running the eth client?

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Checked and okay cool

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Its all speculative even what john says. What we do know is if link captures just .01% of the main industries it can effect then the token value will be thru the roof.

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cant wait $1000 eoy

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im very comfy work at home + plus own link...nothing can come this close to comfy except already being rich, any contract i sign for work is docusign

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