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Well, you are wrong. Let me debunk that blog post for you, as I am a dev and use Google Cloud daily.

First of, it's not Google. It's Google Cloud. It's not even Google Cloud, it's whatever tiny department of Google Cloud writes those obscure blog posts. I use Google Cloud daily yet I've never seen they had a blog.

The blog post didn't even have any technical detail or code in it. It's very likely that the person who wrote this article is not a developer at all as it contains no code. It's basically a marketing article to promote Google Cloud services.

It's very likely that that the people who approved this article have not read the white paper, or the Chainlink documentation. It's very likely that only 2 or 3 people, who are all non developers, wrote and approved of this article.

It's also very likely that someone at Chainlink worked with someone in the Google marketing department to coordinate this article together, because that's how PR and marketing work usually.

So if to you "Google" means 2-3 guys who are not developers, but work in the Google Cloud marketing department, then sure "Google" endorsed them.

But then again this is the genius of the Chainlink marketing. They got a mention on some obscure blog in some tiny Google Cloud department and now everybody thinks they are partnered with Google, when it is very clear they are not.

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LARP most people only own 20 LINK

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I not reed gud. This the list for steaks?

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When should I buy back in?? I don't want buy in too early if its still dropping

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thank god i sold at 17

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>Eth 2.0 confirmed November 2020
>powered by Chainlink
Bronies taking the L once again

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Heh, you know nothing, John.
You weren't here before. You have no idea what is happening and what is being done with those transactions.
Summer ended, go back to school.

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think gambling, insurance, derivatives, contractual law
the entire business world centres around contractual law - entire departments are devoted to organising and executing contracts
openlaw will automate this entire industry
and link is powering it
you had three years

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it was obvious if you read any of the bread crumbs/ assblaster posts/ positive thought threads

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still up 500%
stay mad

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Alright retards we are clearly nearing the peak of this current run and will probably retrace significantly within a week if not sooner. Now I don't want to sell because I've been holding forever but I do swing a portion of my stack. What are the best options to protect profits?

So far I thought about doing

-5x LINK short with maybe $10K-15K USD that I will leg into slowly

-5x BTC Long with around 12K for a total of 5 BTC

-Somekind of jew money magic on AAVE to create a safe but synthetic short on LINK( I want discussion about this one, I not sure what the best pair to use to accomplish that entirely)

-Silver miners index long

Any other combinations are welcomed

Hedging is a viable strategy and I'm will to pay a % of the recent gains to lock in what I currently have. If only LINK Puts existed.

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lol what the fuck I have so much money

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just a warning, link will dip to $8 or possibly lower but no lower than $6 in the next few days. Buy as much as you can then. it’ll go parabolic right after.

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how the fuck does a link thread roll on without anyone checking those holy digits. we're all gonna fucking make it bois

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Maximum synchronized autism will win.

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I bought link because of the memes, and now there are no more memes. Let’s change that

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So you're telling me this project has confirmed ties to the banking cartel, the cream of the crop of global legal firms and institutions as well as some of the biggest tech companies in the blockchain space focused on the soon to be mass adopted enterprise level smart contracts such as consensys, IBM, Intel and Digital Asset and that the solution to the oracle problem which it is aiming to solve is essentially the God protocol as described by the creator of the smart contract concept, ie one of the main pillars of the fourth industrial revolution and the backbone of the future blockchain infrastructure (10% of global GDP in less than 10 years) that will allow massive automation of post trade processing, thus saving all the biggest markets such as derivatives and insurance possibly trillions in saving, AND its the only project of its kind due to its decentralized nature and has the first mover advantage, but despite all these confirmed facts it's being largely ignored by the crypto community, although it has gone up from 120 to 60 ranking in a bear market with no marketing just in a couple of months, simply because a dozens of dedicated autistic neets down vote every possible clue about it on reddit because they're the only ones who realized this revolutionary project would basically replace all the lawyers with neet nodes where 1 link needs to be worth at least 5k usd in order to be sufficient collateral for the quadrillion derivatives market? Do you realize how delusional and insane that

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This recent price surge of link crypto currency security is a clear predecessor for dollar hyperinflation. LINK is supposed to represent the price of one cup of coffee, it is mentioned in the white paper. Do with that information what you will

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Im a dev with a couple years experience but I can’t bring myself to do these stupid ass leetcode exercises to get a job everything else seems so pointless

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