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That’s not bobo it’s his Chinese cousin Biu Biu Ni hao

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Hello Biu Biu here I live in the China big miner farm got the wuhan corona disease shut down bitcoin farmer soon big hash dropping

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Nothing’s personnel miu miu

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Puts or shorts

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Biu Biu and corona Chan will unironically rekt the entire global economy

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the best fucking part is that there is no other possibility but for this to cascade into a global recession at least, freefall at worst. There's no one currently set up to fill the gap where china was. There's INSANE demand for all this manufacturing, and literally nowhere to shift it too. We are beyond fucked, and no one but a bunch of autistic wizards on an underwater basket weaving forum will know, until it's already too late to react.

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Now Biu Biu is my new best fren

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Yeah thinking the same
I'd imagine volatility is going to fluctuate a bit so long as this virus is making the news, might dip my feet into selling some options
I'm still pretty new to the options game, hoping I don't get fucked too hard

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No survivors

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