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>tfw burnt myself on a knockout on account of being too greedy
I hate that sinking feeling.

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I'm a software engineer with rental properties you fucking idiot. I can recognize a Jewish scheme to displace lower class American workers and depress wages when I see one.

I'm so fucking sure bottom of the barrel low skilled immigrants who come here to pick fruit and work construction, send all 5 of their kids to generous free education and utilize all available welfare resources, while literally being protected by their traitorous host state, while largely evading income taxes, are a net positive for this country. You absolute fucking idiot. The Koch Brothers, Soros, and Nancy Pelosi all agree illegal immigration is "good for the country" for reasons that are actually beneficial for your average working American citizen.

That's right anon. We're just overflowing in low income work for our citizens as is, let the rest flood in. Let them have public resources, let them operate off and on the grid as they please and pick and choose where they contribute. There is one issue I would strangle people over for being so fucking stupid as to buy the narrative and it's this one. Still blows my mind.

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>Military moves did nothing

In order to leverage your bountiful resources... and ensure that the enemy doesn't eventually make their way to your doorstep or starve you through global sanctions... you have to contain them at the point of a sword. And through espionage. Which is precisely what we did. Seriously, think a little bigger, that's what the politicians of that era did. Average citizen retards did not understand the implications of Vietnam at all.

In a globalized world, in a global war between two global superpowers, the entire battlefield is transformed. In a war, when you manage to pin your enemy down to a single front and drain them of men, time, and resources for years and years, to the point where they can't focus elsewhere, that's considered a strategic victory.

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Yep, this is based

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Nope. 45% Clinton and 52% Trump, the rest are independent. And if you know anything, anything at all about demography you'd know 99% of those Clinton voters are concentrated in liberal cities, the hotbeds for the current spread of the virus. If city boomers were "overwhelmingly conservative", boomers would be 85% Trumpists. Not the case. Try again, and again, shit for brains.

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>Liberal journos carrying water for an oppressive totalitarian state that released this virus while ganging up on their elected leader trying to save the country from a crisis

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>Instead of retiring a little later in a big crash, 50 million people starve and die

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Germany and Italy were already on the ropes economically and predicted to go into recession... BEFORE their whole countries went into lockdown. Enjoy

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I'm personally thinking about going balls deep in SSO over the course of this year after the dust settles. It's 2x leveraged which is a little "safer", and I'm willing to sit in it for a long time since I already have a 401k with boring investments. This will be my lightning.

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Who buys a motherfucking $8-10 gallon jug of milk? Where in the fuck are you morons living, Death Valley?

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>If I put it in log scale it looks logarithmic

That doesn't apply here, retard

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Not going to be a popular answer but, at this stage of the market cycle, I'd say something like VTV. Index funds are boring but they're basically guaranteed 8-9% YoY returns.

I was really high on Microsoft a couple of years ago but at this stage its stock has gotten pumped hard and I'd be too scared to recommend it.

I still think they're the hidden gem of the big tech stocks at this point (if there are any). A VERY diversified, robust, and mature company that happened to find a great CEO who wants to modernize the company. They've been on a big comeback from the Ballmer years.

If you really want to ride the lightning, pour your money into something like SSO. 2x leveraged fund that tracks the SP500. Should do big things over the next 10 years even if we hit a big pullback or two. A recession however could wipe out your funds momentarily.

I've decided I don't want to be the fag that invested lots of money into a leveraged fund for years of his life then watched it disappear in a crash so I'm mostly in boring stuff. SPY and VTV.

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>fractionize the stocks to distribute on the millennials, then dump it

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you'll need to find a brokerage for your own country, you can't just open a brokerage account in any country, because there are capital controls and rules about transferring/laundering money internationally, etc. etc.

nevertheless, some brokerages offer an international brokerage account that lets you buy stocks in other countries' markets. I don't know if you'll be able to find a brokerage in your country that lets you open an international brokerage account to buy US stocks, or not. You'll have to Google around and research that for yourself.

if no brokerage in your country offers an international brokerage account, you might still be able to buy stock in a few large US companies that are listed on your country's stock market via depository shares.

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>20% of China and the West Coast of the US are eliminated before the plague finally fizzles out

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If lowering my taxes, protecting the border, and sticking it to China while pissing off every blue haired kike and tranny in New York City is "Jewish" then call me Shlomo Sheklingburg

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>suicide stack: $100,000 usd?
>make it stack: $1,000,000?
>fck you money: $10 mil +?
100 link suicide stack
1000 link make it stack
10,000 link fuck you money

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t. 55k

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Good joke. Andrew Yang is totally going to conjure $1,000/month for all 300 million people in the US out of thin air and with no additional taxes whatsoever. Furthermore, that isn't going to boost inflation incredibly, rendering the entire thing moot.

Time to have a glass of cyanide, anon.

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Do go on, good chum!

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