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I don't and I'm 10x

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Ama tomorow for the chad eggmasters

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Who said I got BNB through binance?

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Check em

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Based pump, just the exit ticket I needed. Enjoy holding my bags, fuckos.

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>live in Germany
>hold crypto for 1 year
>after 1 year its COMPLETELY taxfree
>mfw been holding huge Link bags since 2017 and its all taxfree for a long time now

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this is only the beggining
screencap this

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Please, anons, take a seat and enjoy the champagne as I reveal for you an experience like no other.

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Make that money, King.

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Hey frens, depressed retarded 29 y/o burger anon. Please rate my portfolio and position and advise what you would do next. Yes, I know it isn't what many /biz/ anons have but I am trying

>29 y/o burger
>owe 15k for car note, 26k for school (finishing bachelors degree in business. I am too dumb for STEM and I shouldn't have gone to school but I am far enough along that I'm just going to finish. Will probably owe like 40k)
>had shitty job, quit because it was too stressful and made depression worse so now income is effectively zero
>still live with family for cheap rent, gf and I looking for a house but everything is very expensive and don't want to buy at these prices

>45k in 401k, 5k in ROTH IRA
>10k USD cash
>99k USD in stock trading accounts
>1 BTC, 7 ETH, 4 LTC, 1355 LINK
>140 oz. silver
>~8k in misc. goods I could quickly liquidate

Is there hope for me, bros? I just want a nice property to have a small garden, read, play vidya, etc. I am tired of waging and I want to check out of society, it is all so tiresome. I have a doomer mindset and am pessimistic about the future. I know not having a career is a big setback but I have begun working with some friends on a company so there is a chance of high payout one day. I don't want to rely on that though so give it to me straight, frens. I am going to the doctor today to ask for meds, depression is a real bitch. Thank you all

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Awfully close, but no cigar. Keep on rolling, gents

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>220gwei gas fees
future of finance, amarite bros?

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Guess we know who will have the last laugh then, fren.

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Suck my peeper OP

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Just bought 410 (yes i'm poor, I know)
EOW predictions?

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> 1 BTC, 1000 Link, 60,000 LTO

It’s not much but it’s better than nothing see you on the other side Anons. One day I’ll make it too hopefully. God bless

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>Are you happy now biz?

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>0 Link

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bullish on AEZS, holding til at least mid-2021

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girlfriends are temporary, gains are forever.

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we're all gonna make it

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HOLDERS check in. If you are holding or buying reply to this thread. This is a bull thread. Bear energy not allowed.

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Bought more at the dip, now at 50k.


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sold at the peak

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