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at some point the market will catch up to all the good news dont worry. and 20k is enough to make it.

Link is probably the last chance like that for a long time.
chainlinks potential surpasses BTC, ETH and everything else by a magnitude.

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>he didn't do the research
otherwise you would know its 100% guaranteed to moon.

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so its chainlink mainnet?
the chainlink fiat oracle comes to mind.

>This is the blackpill.
isn't it objectively the truth tho? I mean there is strong evidence suggesting that most if not all big "happenings" of the past happened because kikes engineered them and this goes hundreds of years back.

>If we are THAT fucked then what can be done?
nothing short of a cataclysmic habbening will be enough to reset the system and even then its likely that things will just repeat themselves.

>Might as well enjoy the ride.
thats why its important to figure out what the Phoenix on the Economist cover means. guess we find out in october or EOY or something.

>BCH is the better coin in either case.
I think that doesn't even matter that much, the only thing that matters is if its kike approved or not.

could you give arguments on why and make a proper post instead if useless shitposting?

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thats actually just meme magic manifesting itself in our reality pointing out that Satoshi/Sergey are both the real deal.
Its the same as the assblaster incident when we discovered that the words "Digital Asset Blythe Masters" basically means Assblaster pointing out that assblaster is legit but so is the Digital Asset/Chainlink connection.

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this only supports the more realistic theory here that Hodges got his Ahmad buddy on board.

I looked a bit deeper into >>10598793
Its talking about some Court software but it seems unrelated, couldn't find any mentioning of APIs, Smart Contracts, Blockchain, anything like that in all of their documentation.
also that Link leads to some other company and they only reference the Odyssey Case Manager, so unrelated.

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the more autistic they look the more it is likely that they actually deliver.

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thanks m8

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