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Better question is how would IBM researchers miss the connection between cryptlets and chainlink, instead analyzing them as two seperate solutions?

This thread is the epitome of Link delusion, the result of a sick mind. Loosely related extrapolations passed off as some kind of "proof" that the content of the information is "secretly" referring to Chainlink. This mental illness is the result of months of collective delusion, believing that billion dollar companies are under strict NDA's, believing in the "insider" LARP's, believing that randomly generated numbers on a Somalian LGBTQ Support Group BBS are literal "magick". The fact is the only confirmed partners are a few small projects, and the confirmation of these partnerships is still dubious at best.

It will take at least a few years for the mainnet to mature and work out the bugs. You will all have nothing to look forward to but an empty network and a slow trickle of fixes coming in for the bug bounty period. 99% of you have no experience or insight into software development, much less the ins and outs of development in the Blockchain space. Most of you couldn't explain in simple terms what a Blockchain is, what bitcoin is, what ethereum is, or what an "immutable decentralized network" is(tip, it doesn't exist as of this writing).

You are invested in technology you don't understand, holding out for a mathematically impossible return on that investment, and your primary source of information is anons with giant bags who are going to dump on you for their own amusement. $1.50 EOY is a bullish prediction. $10-$20 per link by 2021 is a bullish prediction. You will deserve the fate you are dealt if you continue to steep in these deep delusions.

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