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>say that Chainlink doesn’t have a network of decentralized oracles
>some distraught bagholder starts blabbering on about ‘memes’ without addressing anything I said whatsoever

Of course, linkies only think in terms of memes and JPEG’s, sometimes even PNGs. Try to explain things with words and they just won’t be able to comprehend anything in sentence structure. Arguments presented to the linkie need to be in picture format, preferably containing a paste in frog of some kind looking at the viewer directly. You people truly are the dumbest people on this while board. Emotionally attached to an ERC token because you saw lots of other (non genuine) posts on an anime website saying they love it and it’ll make you rich. Be a good linkie now and never sell. True “””””marines””””” go down with the ship after Chainlink are finished market dumping the entire 30 million in around a year and a half’s time.

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>no rebuttal to the price issue
>no rebuttal to the zero chance of anything more than $4 for LINK
>no rebuttal to the utter uselessness of running a GC instance to check ETH price

Good linkie brainlet, good. I’m sure this Brazilian dude posting from his personal account on Twitter hasn’t been paid a few hundred Gs to talk nice about Chainlink. Employee corruption doesn’t exist at all.

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Cringe forced meme you obvious rebbitfag. All linkies are migrants from /The_Donald, you’re all new and cancerous. Oldfags don’t buy premined shitcoins with 65% dev controlled supplies that get yourself dumped on, like what’s happening now.

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