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have sex

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I only have 2000 chainlink to my name. Worse comes to worse I'll have to be homeless and beg for money but it won't be so bad, Best case scenario chainlink goes to 1000$+ and I retire on a frugal mountain lifestyle. Ever since I was a kid I've always wanted to camp out doors indefinitely. Never liked the city. The best advice I could give to someone is suck it up and save as much money while living out of a truck shell and invest all of your money. Just doing that and saving hundreds of dollars in stock, crypto and gold will afford you retirement. Always carry a pistol.

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>Shitty obscure coin with no partnership,
>Using women over the logo of the shitcoin,
>Guaranteeing a moon mission,
>Has a volume of less than 20k btc,

My shitcoin analysis checks out

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FOMO, FED buybacks and QE which is all from the jews. The majority of the actual pumping isn't even from people trading. people buying the top even though there is too much risk when it crashes. If you had a shit ton of tesla stock at the start this is great but newfag boomers and millenials making a measley 1000-2000$ are about to get BTFO'd in the coming months. And of course they aren't going to pull out because they are idiots and don't know how the stock market works. It just depends when the feds pull the plug which is entirely random since they are holding the market up, Which is even scarier.

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to the dow jones crashing 1000 points on Feb 3rd. 2020

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Good, Crypto SHOULD go up then. Fuck stock market niggers, I want to make it with my BTC, linkies and gold. feds cannot stop this train even if they wanted to.

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do qts working in the grocery store judge you if youre buying toilet paper or diarrhea medicine?

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