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>Seems like it's definitely worth the risk.
It's not because you are guaranteed to eventually lose.
If you try your strategy 100 times. How many times will you go on a lose streak? 1.6. The more times you use your strategy the better the chances you have as going on the lose streak that you are trying to avoid. Does that make sense?
>The shitty part is that you're only making $1
You're not just making $1. You're making more than that when you lose big and eventually win. For example betting $1,000 after a $500 bet makes you $500 profit, and when combined with previous losses would net about a $200~ win.

To get laid anywhere you need to get in shape, no one wants to have sex with a fatass. There is a "cool wine aunt" epidemic in the USA. Las Vegas is the #1 attraction for "independent" women between 25 and 35. I play the "cool local guy" shtick with ladies I see playing alone at tables. I'm not saying go full retard and be a pick up artist, start with casual conversation and get to know people. Because I'm local I have the advantage. Usually if they place their hands on you after they win a decent amount then you've pretty much got your fling for the night, weekend, or week.

I say the Cosmo because it has the best view of the city, check the picture, and the best lounges for comfort. It also has a higher percentage of women staying there because of the name "Cosmopolitan". You know. The woman's magazine. There are also numerous dance clubs, but Marquee was the best, I think its still closed though.

Coronavirus has been complete shit for me, which is now why I'm into cryptocurrencies lmao.

I would be very wary of any girl coming onto you. That's just not how it works. Escorts are fine and all, but you really need to make sure you aren't getting scammed. You have to know people and if you're a tourist you won't be able to figure out if it's legit. I don't do this because it's way too much money. Hit up something like Bunny Ranch.

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