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Is it necessary to use a mouse when making 3D models and what mouse do you use?

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I was going to try get you to beleave you needed a £500 mouse but frankly It's too much effort. Just by a cheep as Dell mouse, i have thumb buttons on my mouse that I never use when modelling. Also don't beleave the memes about 3D mouses

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Pretty much any mouse will work, but some are better than others, depending on what you're doing. I used a shitty 10 Euro no-name "gaming" mouse with a laser sensor for the longest time, and it certainly got the job done.

When that one broke I decided to do some research and get one that was actually "good" (i.e. decent sensor, weight and shape), primarily for gaming. I ended up with a Zowie EC2-A and I was surprised how much it helped me even outside gaming. Repetitive shit like cutting edges or welding vertices definitely became way easier.

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Every year, I buy the same mouse and keyboard that the top League of Legends LCS tournament winner uses so that I get the highest amount of APM and thus the highest quality models

You can also imitate the CS:GO champs as well

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what about a wacpm tablet?

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For sculpting sure but anything else would be made a hassle, especially with all of the keyboard shortcuts in maya.

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A Wacom tablet can come in handy here and there. Concept sketching, sculpting, weight painting, grease pencil to name a few. Buy one if you feel like it.

3d mouse OTOH is fairly pointless at least in Maya where clicking through menus is integral to the UI.

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>board is called /3/
>get some 5s

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Nah, I use wacom

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srsly... I use wacom in every grahpic app, you just map on pen buttons, middle click and right click,
I really don't get why it's a hassle?
I'll just assume you have not used stylus enough, or you are not comfortable with it

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I'm used to using mouse whenever I'm not drawing.
I guess if you had hotkeys set up on a cintiq it would work but I've only ever done that for photoshop.

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I have Tablet not Display. I use it with Keyboard

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i use my Wacom in all 3D, is maximum comfy, fucking hotkey binding yes. a mouse for all 2D or editing. my friend does everything with a tablet. at home and work. and i do mean everything, even browsing the interwebs.

Wacom 4 still works like new and some 7.99 sharkforce mouse i bought coz im a fag and like the blue lights it has.

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Different strokes for different folks I guess.

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It must be a smaller tablet than I'm imagining.

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