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anymore /3/ related may-mays like this/ please dump any you have

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Sadly I lost most of my le epic bacon maymays. But here's some gifs I made to demonstrate things. Some sarcastically.

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Chuckled internally.

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Should post every frame as a separate image next time, just to sell the point.

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for sure.

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oh my fuck


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that wasnt a gif it seems

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What is this gif demonstrating? I thought it was going to WOW me with Maya's ability to boolean.

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Someone wanted to know how to inset text. I told him to just intersect it and he wasnt getting the explenation

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simply ebin
all those gifs are ebin may mays

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You're looking for picture of teapots, er, /3/pots


The WIP image is basically a meme

>my first zbrush
>It's a demon

Anytime someone suggests a "Collaborative Piece"

Any of hurr durr Blender/3DSMax/Maya/Softimage/Sketchup/etc.

Super low-poly
-and conversely
LOL this isn't 1995 we don't need super low-poly

>"I'm in the industry"

That's most of what I can remember from back when this board used to really move! (Posts happening on the half-hour! Sometimes even more than that!)

Also, this .gif I made back in '11 was re-posted a few times, so whether you want to consider it meme status compared to /3/'s current speed that's all you friend.

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>10,000 man-hours

I can't believe its been almost exactly 3 years since those threads on this.

For those who need a recap:

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he improved i guess? funny that that shit is still around

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oh wow, that website

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if you remember this then you were probably here the first week /3/ opened. so, congratulations i guess. i hope that much good fortune has passed your way since then.

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Do you have the gif of him and gnom dancing?

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your wish is my command

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Thanks. Have some gnom

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What the fuck are these anyways

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In the early medieval period the Anglo-Saxons used to make tapestry embroideries like that.
Like a celebratory wall hanging to record a historic event such as a victory over a enemy like depicted here.

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>them overlapping windows
yup, that's why i don't regret moving away from 3dsmax

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Currently we're looking for someone to run /3/'s memball team. The old guy got banned and his replacement is leaving soon.

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I've been trying to figure out how to make cubes for years!! Bravo for your tut!!

But I can't find the teapot button on my max page....

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Nice 5" floppy, but you forgot the reinforcing ring around the center hole.

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Oh hell yeah. Finally I understand how it must feel for sport fans when their team scores.
It's kinda like watching a porno, you don't care about the guy and hope they better don't do any close-ups on his face
but he's still your proxy, it's like your mind is connected to his dick.

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Don't forget failed boobs simulations and discussing how to make the perfect jiggly breasts.

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>10.000 man hours

Render: Complete, gotta be my /3/ favorite.

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Also since I'm digging the /3/ folder, halogun tutorial.

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And some anon in the WiP thread trying to make the facehugger resulted in this one.

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I remember this. Is the website for that game still up at all?

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Not too sure but I do remember the artist coming on polycount to explain his side of that image

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Just scoured the polycount backlog and found the post.
It's a lengthy but enlightening wall-of-text down the page http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=90183&page=11

Makes you feel kinda sorry for the guy, but how anyone could take two good looks at Jim Yates and not see a smoking pile of bullshit on legs is still a mystery.
I'm impressed by his work etics though, the guy should be awarded the purple heart of CGI for his effort on this hillarious project.

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I got my priorities straight.

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but blender dos have bools lol.

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would have been funnier if you stopped before the geosphere.
kekt anyway

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sorta related, hope some of you haven't seen it yet

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I have this.

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I have a few more of these.
I'll post them if you want.

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The material nodes got me.

But seriously how do you do liquid simulation like that?

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Can't stop laughing

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I'll do it.

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here, lol

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he says he doesn't want to use bools

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