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does /3/ know cgmemes?

google it

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who gives a horsecock

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i want to try mudbox now, is it part of max?

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What usually happens to me is that we work for months on cinematics, then find out at the last minute that the mission is cut from the game.

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thats why i get it in written into my contract that i'm able to use what i create for other purposes or for use within this.

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Are you from Russia?

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Your daily reminder that [s4s] belongs to /jp/.

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Well played

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no, it's part of Autode$k

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Even worse is what always happened at my last job: Client finals picture, picture gets rendered at 15k (yes, AD agencies request these resolutions) picture goes through extensive post production, gets sent to client, client suggests come last minute CG improvements, rinse and repeat entire process for days.

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lol learn to cloud render faggot

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Not necessary, we had our own render farm. It's fucking annoying when the client can't make up his mind no matter what hardware you're on. Jesus Christ why am I talking to you, you're clearly twelve years old and autistic.

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You have autism.

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>no, it's part of Autode$k

Now do zbrush

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Well at least I have a fucking job

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you fuck, professionally. I envy you anon. Not really though. When Im doing the deed i just want it to be over and for no kids to come from it.

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kill yourself

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actually you're wrong,

Those two are mine along with a few others.

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>Those two are mine along with a few others.
mostly to do with zbrush.

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Wait fuck thats another thread or even website, i have a bad memory.

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sooooo fucking true
sooooo true omfg

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There you go.
Bare in mind. I consider Zbrush infinitely superior in every way.

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blender is the most superior of them all. It has full source, something that zb, mud, sculptris cant say. I feel bad for you fags without source

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> blenderfag thinks anything he says will be taken seriously

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this is very true

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> impying source does matter for an artist

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crawl back to your pathetic zbru$h, dum dum.


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>buttblasted mayafags appear out of nowhere if blender is mentioned

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Tell me how's that job hunt coming along.
Oh wait, you don't need to. No one takes Blender seriously.

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>mentions job hunting
>cant even understand blender source code and the jewels within
>accuses others

le lel

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So, not very good I take it.

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lel spill the beans and share how much you make per year dumb anon I need a good laff

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>>399964 (OP)

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>no one takes blender seriously

le smirk
*he probably got replaced by a blender user*

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>poorly done photoshop
>that'll show em huehue

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>is actually convinced that blender has non-shit jobs out there
gl m8

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Get back to reddit freetard, we don't circle jerk each other for using blender here.

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Anons who use paid software are like "hay look at me i use paid software can I be cool now wink wink?"

anons who use blender know that we started off small and have been building for years. We're 10x better than commercial soft now with all the contributions to the FLOS code we've gained.

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le shut the fuck up reddit fag and quit giving it a bad name. i like it because im an artist that is not in the professional side of things. cost effective to say the least. and yeah good luck landing a job making the next fallout when you know gimp and blender and a little bit of python

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>Implying you have to pay for the software
>implying there are no free alternatives to use Autodesk products legally or illegally.
You must be incredibly dumb if you can't figure out how to do either.Just because you use maya or blender, doesn't make you skilled. But there's also the fact that Blender is never really used anywhere in the professional environment. Sony Imageworks and other big studios would probably laugh at you if all you knew was just blender. You best give yourself some diversity or you'll go no where. Even Freelancers have a hard time with blender as most places use Maya now. Go get a job in retail for a bit and pay for the shitty Maya LT if you wanna do freelance with legal software, not like you're gonna need MEL/Python anyways.

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>thinks maya/max users are assigned top-tier jobs immediately

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>thinking I want to work on the next fallout game that will no doubt be shit

>thinking I limit myself to free software

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>Sony Imageworks and other big studios would probably laugh at you if all you knew was just blender.

>implying I want to work for the japanese

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Have you ever seen a rich 3d artist?

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>implying I want to work for the japanese

>isn't aware that sony imageworks is located in Vancouver and California

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>being this retarded

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So, what amazing projects have you launched using the Blender source code? Tell me about all the amazing improvements you've made with your master programming skills.

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>being literally this retarded

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Oh shit look at this masterbaitor

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>uses non FLOSS soft
>doesnt understand FLOSS
>thinks its cool to be dum

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This thread is self explanatory.
VFX "artists" are mainly insecure kids needing validation. What they don't realize is 90% of this work is modern day kitsch art. Put that in your beard and twist it, hipster. Software artists are expendable.

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I'm a Blender fag but Zbrush is vary faaaar superior to anything in sculpting.

The worst thing you can be is a software evangelist.

no one gives a shit what software you use if your work is 10/10

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Go away hipster, you don't even understand GUHNOO and here you're preaching about it as if >paid software and your shitty anti-freedom licensed crap are mutually exclusive.
Go learn a little about what your shitty license entails before you spew shit about it.

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>Go learn a little about what your shitty license entails before you spew shit about it.

it "entails" freedom

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Yeah about as much freedom as an eagle attack.

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lay off of those weed needles pall.

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inb4 'I was only pretending to be retarded'

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>hordes proprietary code
>his precious
>thinks hording babby level code and having to use shitty shitty apis will lead him anywhere

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what is your function you are a disgrace to all existence. please leave me alone

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why every thread on /3/ has to be derailed into "mine's better than yours"fags?

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proprietary software is the "mine". On the other hand, free software is for everyone. Proprietary software creates this rift by its very nature. Soon it wont be the case in 3d as blender and other FLOSS advances

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Holy shit. I use blender just to learn the basics of topography, materials, etc. and because I've been doing this for a few days, but shut the fuck up about Blender. Yes it's free and open source - that's cool and all, but it doesn't make it the end of capitalism.

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software (all software) should be free to use, change, and modify. Freedom. The final product if its say a movie or an ad can be sold.

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/g/ pls go

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/g/ isnt here.

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so all the hard work that goes into the software should just go unrewarded?

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you can sell your work, but you must provide easy to find, free, full source as well.

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>software (all software) should be free to use, change, and modify

Even RSM says that there's no problem with selling software.

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The "how to make a cube" gif should be in this thread. I don't have it and the first two google searches I tried didn't find it, so I won't be posting it.

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I watched this 400000 times

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This article is perfect, I use blender, and I just have to roll my eyes whenever some blender fanboy just starts shitting on other softwares just because you have to pay for them and they know no better, the program you use is just a tool, the art that you make with them is what counts.

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>pay for them
I don't think you understand the "free" in Blender, it's not just about free of cost, that's irrelevant, it's about freedom as it isn't proprietary software.
FOSS software is essential for maintaining our freedom, and I would recommend you look into it as well.

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Kill yourself.

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