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is it a bad idea to use A.I. pictures as reference for modeling and texture color?

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Yes, look at the arm, one is bigger than the other. AI doesn’t care about human anatomy.

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It depends as long as you get the model to look decent then I see no problem with using it as a reference for textures

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No it's not a bad idea
Change the things that are off
For example her hands are masculine looking

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You are both idiots to believe this nonsense. Real tracing will help you learn how some did the arm. A robot will not teach you anything about likeness of a human.

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AI is terrible to use as reference.
References for anatomy, which you need even for anime crap, need to be accurate and high quality, and you need to be able to use them to understand how the body works. There's always accuracy problems, and you will end up reproducing those errors.
It's less bad to use it for stylistic reference, but even I personally wouldn't use it. They tend to be generic, and this might sound like bullshit but there's an important difference between reference and inspiration. Being inspired is having an idea, you see something and it makes you think of something ELSE. The risk with using AI is that you task the ai with creating something that you will then basically copy.
That doesn't happen when you look for real photographs or art created by real people, with those you won't find the exact image that you need, and if you did you wouldn't be able to create your own art without it just being a copy.
Furthermore, you need to spend time looking for references and inspiration and building a collection. You need to learn to always be on the lookout for reference and inspo IRL and to take a photo. If all you do is use AI, the scope of your creativity will be severely limited.

The only time I'll use AI as reference is if a client comes to me with AI stuff. I wish they wouldn't, it's better if we just talk, but they're paying me so there you go.

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anime artstyle allows a fuckton of leeway in actual proportions, so it hides a lot of mistakes the AI or a shit artist makes. Don't fall in this hole and learn actual anatomy and then apply the style with meaning and care.
you can easily see, that this discount asuka has the shoulders of a linebacker (her shoulder joints are actually completely outside her torso) and a balding problem.
as for colors, yeah it usually hits the common color schemes, but that's about it (brown-ish and dark blue, how wild)
(also, who tf wears a watch on their right hand)

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>Real tracing will help you learn how some did the arm
Are you sure you know what a reference means?
Op is not taking about to learn to draw, he wants to use Ai as a reference to model and texturing.
You can use Ai to do so, like every 2d drawing you have to make it work for 3d.

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Can you stop with your AI bullshit Cris ? how many threads here are yours? >20? I've seen you on int pol g vg mu, it is time to stop.

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Do you seriously believe every A.I. poster is Chris?

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How many people can be posting here? from 30 to 50? this thread was made by Cris, 100% chance.

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Color is the only thing AI is actually good at

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I don’t think you understand, each person does it differently. One will use tools while another used their hands. AI can’t copy human thought into why a female has normal clothing. Just like this example here: >>986561

Wind is going right but clothing and hair is going left, inconsistent logic. Never use AI for tracing. Also colors don’t make sense, there’s no sun so everything being red is illogical. Plants are black while character and cloud are red. The sky is blue for no reason. Another example of why you should not use AI.

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"What is this why is he holding a planet, humans cant hold up a planet!"
"The planet is red but the bounce light on the suite is white, its not right"
"Why is the yang red it should be white"
Have you considered NPR (Non photo realism) exists and human artists use it all the time because NPR is usually more interesting

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Doing those things with intentionality is good. If I drew a picture where the hair is blowing against the wind I would be doing it to convey something.
The AI doing it by accident for no reason, which means it serves no purpose. It's an error.

I actually like AI errors, I think AI art was far more interesting and worthwhile before it got better at stealing. Now the errors are just errors, and of no interest.

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Well at least real artists who drew real art and real software like Maya will not alternate the shadows. Also no human being can 90 degree their shoulders and arm. The body suit for the shoulder isn’t even bent it breaks the moment for the viewer. Oh and let me guess, you think humans can use their thumbs to hold planets. The arm isn’t even in a position, the entire thing looks way worse as you keep looking at it.

You’re not an artist, you can’t even tell the AI to stop doing bad things. Clearly your the problem and you need correction.

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>I don’t think you understand, each person does it differently.
I understand that, but OP asked something specific, can you use ai as a reference for modeling and colour?
Yes, you can. I've suffered from the same inconsistencies from a Human artist.

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>"What is this why is he holding a planet, humans cant hold up a planet!"
He's stealing it because he's black

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Then stop following the bad artist, it’s that simple.

No one grabs it with their thumbs, no one breaks their bones as the arm moves 90 degrees. AI is stupid to ever generate these inconsistent results.

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i genned like 150 model sheets of anthros and they all looked great.
ive a modelled exactly 0 of them in all this time, but i did it and they looked good.
if a gen looks like shit then gen a new one or fix it by hand. AI is a tool. its the future. get with it or get left behind.

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>ive a modelled exactly 0 of them in all this time, but i did it and they looked good.

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anything that gets you to actually work on your project is a good idea

genning a fuck ton of images in 5 minutes to use as references is more efficient than googling for 3 hours and never working on anything

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This one came out very well. The features are lined up pretty well.
Rapid concepting is also a good use of AI. A vague idea can generate endless specific designs.

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Stolen from Deviantart i bet. AI has no idea how animals and humans are crossed to create furys.

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>Rapid concepting is also a good use of AI. A vague idea can generate endless specific designs.
Your mind's eye will stay blind forever