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Can someone review my issues with Blender and present a diagnosis? I'll be actively comparing myself to someone else that started at the same time. Both have no previous practical experience (Mine was like 2 parts of the Blender donut years ago)

Please help me decide what to do

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nigga how can u fail at blender? whats ur goal

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This involves making lewd/mild NSFW for a /vg/ general.

These following three are mine, remember the first one, it's the latest one.

https://files.catbox.moe/ mvy20q.png

https://files.catbox.moe/ uk3qyz.png

https://files.catbox.moe/ niq3zt.png

This is the work of the person I feel compettitive about, jealous.

https://files.catbox.moe/ dir9u6.jpg

https://files.catbox.moe/ jtagae.jpg

https://files.catbox.moe/ t0drb9.jpg

https://files.catbox.moe/ r7jovq.jpg

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u have no sense of composition or lighting. actually look at ur refs and see what sets them apart, or look at any tutorial on these topics

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all of these are bad but your newest one would be better than all the others if you turned up / added a fill light + pushed overall exposure a little more in camera or in post.

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He can and has made lots of others renders. He can make more than me, he's better than me.

I take too long doing things and I don't know why. I tinker and tinker and it doesn't even come out right. I struggle with posing, I don't understand poses at all.

Remember this
https://files.catbox.moe/ mvy20q.png (just join it, nsfw)

It took me 6 hours, I watched tutorial vids in the meantime but 6 hours and I failed. This is the 3rd render I make in total.

I didn't even add cum or sweat, I wasted time.

I don't know what you guys are talking about. Plus I couldnt get the tongue to make contact or spit effects, her expression and background clutter. I'm tearing up at my failure

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This one took me 5 hours I think
Why do I take so long to deliver nothing but shit?

Composition? I use references but I don't understand composition. Should I just copy the references for now as I see them?

You guys have no idea how much I struggle with poses. I don't understand it and can't pose for shit.

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I clumsily try to set a camera one I realize the pose cant work. I tinker and waste time with poses and nothing works
I am frankly discouraged to try again after failing. Cant even get body fluids, cant get anything. I can't do poses or expression, he is better. Why?

So what's my problem?

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jannies, rangeban him please.
he does similar whiny stuff for ~2 years already.

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>try to learn something
>rightfully complain and worry about it
WTF hate him

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this troll been here for 7 years give or take

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Can I get some feedback?

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>So what's my problem?
No eye for visual art, sorry to say this. Cut your losses and try something different, this is the best advice you will get

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It's what I feared. I have no visual talent. I have no talent
But why? Where can you see this?

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heh its like Global Illumination is the only Illumination u know.

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The latest had a 4 light set up, it still looks like nothing
I failed.

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Can someone ban this attention seeking faggot already?

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I just want advice or a diagnosis

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diagnosis: schizo and/or pedo and/or troon
advice: 1 dose of .45 ACP applied directly to the forehead, temple, or roof of mouth.

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Im neither

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Yes you are. I'm a professional psychiatrist.

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Still asking for feedback

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Have you considered you might be stupid?

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Yes, but even then that can be worked on.
What are my issues? I believe I am complicating stuff for no reason
Review this

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needs more lighting. You have to light it like it's a movie set. Not with logical light like the ones you have models for in the scene.

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and on this note I saw this one lewd 3d animation recently that had "bad lighting" like if it were a real film he would have failed to light the scene well. specifically the light appeared to be mounted on the camera, like an old camcorder or a news camera. Well to my eyes anyways the "bad lighting" made the scene look more real.

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Just watch some videos on photo composition. It's not that difficult