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some school project thats going tobe 3d printed.
It looks so flat and i hate it. Im thinking of just putting stickers instead of coming up with details. What do you guys think?

17 parts in total excluding the wheel+motor

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>What do you guys think?
You could do better and you know it.
I also think that this could have been posted in /wip/.That you aslo have eyes and know it's not a good model, that you know we know, you know that it's not the best and could be better.I aslo think that fo a school project it's more than ok, and that you know we know you know it.
I'm also opinionated on other stuff wrong with you, this post, this board and the internet in general but that is for some other thread.

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Damn. Didn't know about that /wip/ before. Social media 's just not my thing. Thanks.

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>Social media 's just not my thing. Thanks.
Don't worry 4chan is Anti-social media.