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I've been told I suck at renders (just started doing this) and that others are way better than me (I am not needed at all)

In another board, I get laughed at, insulted and told I am way worse. will never improve, will never get better.
No one liked my stuff so I did not post more.

The other anon who others prefer and all of them said they prefer him

Here's other people saying he's way better

I no longer have the fortitude to try, I failed. I am less talented than others at stuff like drawing or 3D
No one replied to mine or saved them in fng

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Tranny board
The question is: are the people bullying you doing so because they're dramatrannies, or are you the dramatranny causing problems?

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They hate me and the entire thread agrees the other guy is better
His new work is impossible for me to reach >>>/vg/481141596

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I usually prefer not to interact with the people I stalk for pleasure but I'd rather not have you clutter the board I frequent.

You already know your shit is better than his. This is an instance where your notoriety has blocked the pleasure you get from feeling useful. Your poses are a bit stiff but more passable than the average noob who does Fortnite renders. SHOULDERS MOVE. I can tell you skipped right over posing the shoulders. Posing characters and slapping on some lights is cake work, but elevating it with appeal is hard. Use references, copy better people, and apply what you see. Touching your renders up in Photoshop puts you ahead of 50% of other people

I enjoyed working and learning from some of the most talented people in the smut field. You will never escape the feeling of being outclassed. You are a bottom bitch at the starting line.

Embrace it. Or don't. I don't care. I enjoy seeing you suffer.

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But read this >>>/vg/481175632
I didn't study that much
Look at his Antonia work
He's way better
At least on that one, he dares to use fluids and lighting. I am dumb, I don't know how to make a map or use github. I had to download maps.

Why is /fng/ saying he's better than me then?
I just want to make things people enjoy.
And prove to myself I can improve. But I don't have the attention span or know how, I don't know how to make a room for background for the scene.

Also why when I append a file, a dot blend for my characters it brings along useless visual like ghost rigging.

I had no idea you would show up here. Have you been reading /fng/? So my stalker is someone internet famous huh? Help me and give me advice and answer stuff, please

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It's not, in the thread they say he's better. He gets replies. Same old song as /ic/ and /trash/. When others get more approval, I can't compete.

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your poses are a little uninspired.
your characters fingers don't seem to interact with their bodies properly (not actually touching, no skindentation etc)
your could work on your lighting a bit too
look into some figure drawing videos/theories to help with your poses, and don't be afraid to draw inspiration from others work, don't copy though.
>i'm less talented
who gives a shit, put in some more effort

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Ok, the first 2 are the only I've done. How do I even do skindentation? I don't know anything.

The other 3 with a watermark and this one >>>/vg/481141596 belong to the person Im jealous of, hes more talented. He gets replies on the thread, no one likes mine.

Pic related I have no idea what I am doing, I'll pose her but it will look bad even when I add a guy.

I just wish I was talented and good at something, drawing or this or something cool.

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you wont be good at something if you don't bother to learn. posing other peoples models wont be enough if you actually want to gain recognition either. you are actually going to have to put in some miles and learn how the software works.
as for skindentation, for static images like this, you can just edit the model a bit to get it looking decent.
your characters are very unemotional compared to the other guy, so that's another thing you want to look into.
outside of what i have listed, there really isn't that much different between the quality of their work and yours. with a bit of effort, you could eclipse them pretty quickly. but you will actually need to be willing to put in the time.

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I just suffer from learned helplessness, I dont even know how to learn. But I want and need to best him and prove myself to others.
So he's better in emotions and poses? Am I better at anything or should I fucking end it? I want to tear up from frustration.
I want to best him, where should I start to learn? I want to be the best.

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Youtube "animenyan" Some of his videos are amateurish but useful when you have no idea what you are doing. He used to have a folder with a bunch of useful tutorials and tools in his discord. I don't know if he still does that shit or not. Once again all of the shit he does is simple. I can tell you two are rushing these out without much thought.

>fluids and lighting
Fluids are way above your level to worry about but there are tons of tutorials about that. Lighting is something you should practice. 3-point lighting setup and play around with strength values.

>I don't know how to make a room for background for the scene.

This is the artist's preference. Most people I know are lazy and use premade maps from assets and games.(I do this) Some people take the time to build a set manually. It's not as hard as you think.

>Also why when I append a file, a dot blend for my characters it brings along useless visual like ghost rigging.

Make sure you are appending the collection you need from the file and have the required addons and plugins.

> skindentation?
Like the effects of hands grabbing skin/ass or the indent on a couch?
Shape keys and sculpting. Not too complex but still early for you to worry about.

>It's not, in the thread they say he's better.
I'm not going to stroke your ego you little meat fuck. You both are shit and you are even fucking lucky I am holding your hand this much in this. People would have to spend months to figure this shit out. The fact that his tag is @blenderanon shows that he's just starting out

This is the only reason I am telling you any of this because I know you will want to kill yourself after seeing how much work this is. And I will enjoy every second of it when you do.

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there isn't anything to be better at
both of you are just posing other peoples models.
I'm assuming the models are rigged properly, so adding more emotion to the faces wont be a huge challenge. just raise the eyebrows a but, lower the eyelids etc etc. don't be afraid to just copy facial animations from references. especially if you are an autist.
watch a few figure drawing vids on youtube, you will see what i mean about your general poses, they are a bit rigid. it takes a bit of practice to get them looking more fluid, but you will pick it up eventually
one final thing, you will always think your own work looks like shit, its something everyone deals with, don't focus too much on those thoughts, especially if you are posting anonymously.

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He started 5 days ago, I got jealous because I tried the donut a year ago (never finished but still)
The thread loves him, they laught a my renders, or how anyone could be better than me. You know about my art failure, that gets to me. And for me to not vall you out on the crazy, it's bad.

Can I ask you about something I noticed? Drawing or in here, I get leds work done because I get distracted easily even just tinkering. I am very inefficient. I am not even sire I want to stick with this, I just want to win.
I didn't move the shoulders or face because I am a coward worried I'd mess it up. But why is he better at the poses? I DON'T GET IT.

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So I take a long time to put out these? I actually took like fuck it 2 hours for the first one, I think i just get distracted and overthink

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This is that weird shit where a person gets off on feeling anguish about their own helplessness, specially when it is about being compared to others and being picked on, isn't it? Just by getting a slight criticism over hm sucking or being less than another he will feel a weird high, because it will be feeding it into his own distorted self-delusion.
He won't listen to any of the tips or apply his time to learning more about Blender, he will just keep on posting and posting about how the other guy is better and that people are picking on him. Our responses will just feed his need for attention and misery.

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I don't have a kink for self degradation. I suffer from learned helplessness, lazyness, insecurity, depression and extremely low self esteem, like basically no self esteem
See my drawing downward spiral

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I am not rushing them out
That worries me
1st one 2 hours as I was doing stupid tinkering and then 2nd one oh boy 4-5? Some of that not active but thats a lot of time. Be honest, quit? It's just that I dont wanna admit defeat to them

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You say that, but i myself just started learning Blender this week but you would never catch me airing all my insecurities like that, nor getting that hurt about someone here shitting on my first few renders. I'd just watch more tutorials, pirate more paid courses, and do more exercises. Which is what i am currently doing. Do you want to get good or be a faggot online?

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I legitimately dont know what to do
Dont even know how to install Git, I need lots of help. Have no idea why i havent killed myself yet sorry
I dont actually believe I can learn. I wanna learn and be good at something

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Go pirate the Art of Rigging, and i mean that. Search Google where and how you can download that, download it, and then watch the entire thing while doing the proposed exercises. Then and only then you come back to post like a lowcow.

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Artists that flock here are attention-starved. Many people who draw good shit for generals or draw threads only do it because they like the (you)s they get. You will either quit or learn to do it for yourself.

3D work and drawing art are boring if you don't learn how to enjoy the process. I even yawn or feel sleepy when I'm learning or making animations. It's super common. I keep pushing through it because the end process is satisfying. And it's porn.

>So I take a long time to put out these?
speed doesn't matter when you are learning. If you rush shit you will get mistakes but spending hours over fixing a specific hair bone is retarded. Learn to balance the two and you will learn faster.

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Thanks. Im not a lolcow though
Yeah again see the time
Life sure is a lot of work huh? Man I wish i vould wish to be talented and like good at 3D and just be it. Im already worried

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i wrote some shit out but deleted it
you main problem is self doubt, ignore that shit.
>i cant learn
bull shit. even those people that have half their brains turn into fluid keep learning shit.
>1st one 2 hours as I was doing stupid tinkering and then 2nd one oh boy 4-5?
i'm making an environment at the moment, i've put around 20-30 hours into the blocking out phase and still have more work to do. after this ive still got to rig some things, do my uv's, texture, handle lighting etc etc.
you want to make shit and that's great. it does take a lot time though, but its worth it in the end, even if you fuck your whole project up as i have done numerous times.
putting in the time and effort sure as shit beats being depressed and self loathing all day, trust me on that

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He's bullied because he acts like a self-pity tranny who is hated on multiple generals and boards. Trying to help him is genuinely wasted effort.

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why are you so desperate for attention? Why must you shit up my board? you are a pedophile with an epi fetish, and should kill yourself ASAP.

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"Comparison is the death of joy" -Mark Twain
It's not about how you stack up to someone else. It's not a competition. Do you enjoy doing it? Do you feel compelled to keep improving?
If so, you will. You will find a way to make your work better because it brings you joy.
Don't kill that joy by comparing yourself to people who are at the end of their improvement journey.
Also spend more time on lighting.

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Your second render is good his third render is shit (Catbox). Stop comparing yourself to others and keep trying to improve. Don't be your worst enemy, it's better to be proud and shit than insecure and good. If you're proud and shit you can always improve vs insecure and good never improving past good. Also since he's shilling his @ in his posts he probably samefags+has a clique or discord that gas him up on vg.

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/vg/ is the closest to a "containment board" if such a thing exists. Faggots need to go back to their cancerous circlejerk generals and stay. OP, keep learning and practicing.

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In 3dcg porn there is tons of absolute trash. This stuff is pretty good, we need more of good stuff there, not only more of brilliant stuff.

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Look at what he did now
I am insecure I cant compete

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He's superior to you, git gud and stop complaining

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But why is he superior? I don't think I can do it. I dont have faith in myself, no one does.

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>But why is he superior?
Because it's better than you
>I dont have faith in myself, no one does.
I have faith in you, now git gud, don't disappoint me .

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How much though? Like why?

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I hate the fact that if i met OP in real life, i would probably fuck his ass, and i am not even gay but people like him, specially "males" that behave this sort of way, all masochistic like begging for attention and pity, just makes me hot and bothered. Just drive me to want to molest and abuse them.
Fuck you, OP, with you faggy behavior tempting a honest Christian man like me who just wants to Blender all day.

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The length is to big to start pointing out each one
I will be all day
Just git gud, and don't disappoint me, I believe in you

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I was just getting that sense skimming the this thread, and the ones he linked to.
But I'll give this one piece of advice to OP: Interact with the community less. Work on your renders more. Lets time yapping about work. More time actually doing the work.

This will be my one and only post in this thread. I say this, because attention whores like OP can't help but to reply to everyone. And then someone might reply back that appears like me feeding OP more. But no. It won't be me. I'm never replying to this thread again.

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I know less talk less crying more work
I just dont feel it witll be worth it, i feel worthless I have to like prove people wrong
Very rude
Very crazy

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any genuine /3/ anons, you are wasting time on this one, this is a well known AGP fag in /fng/ fortnite general, he usually posts with genshin impact pics or screenshots, all that while crying about himself being a man and how he wishes being a woman or how he wants to kill himself. (yes, i know all this shit and play fortnite too, lurking in /fng/ from time to time, but i highly doubt this fag plays the game at all)

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I'm not rude, I'm honest
But I believe in you, don't disappoint me

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Let Anons have fun, we all know he's larping.

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I am not the genshin fag and I wouldnt want to be a woman.

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dunno? i noticed any time you help him, he ignores that and starts all over again, a loop of self-loathing.
its a recent thing though, /fng/ got some newbie blenderfag making crappy fortnite porn renders from resident anon requests, people praising that guy, while this one is crying he can't do same shit, thats pretty much it.

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I hope he's trolling, it will be too funny if it wasn't.

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I am not trolling
I just want people to approve of me

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>I am not trolling l just want people to approve of me

Nah, you are too good to be true

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Now other people join in

I failed even more so btw and hes onky getting better
I tried aome stuff today didnt complete any

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Have you considered not interacting with Internet drama?

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Ignoring it would not make me better or him worse. In the thread people make requests for him, they praise him
Never me

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My 3rd failure at machinist/fortnite smut

I couldnt get her facial expression right ao I gave up
No one woild find it hot no one would save it or approve of me
I am competing against him, hes basically a pro now
His marigold pic showed me

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>I enjoyed working and learning from some of the most talented people in the smut field. You will never escape the feeling of being outclassed. You are a bottom bitch at the starting line.
Gay larp but I'll indulge. Who in this little fantasy of yours were your mentors

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HERE YOU CAN see my failure
Should I quit

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OP if someone is better than you then you need to practice and improve by learning what makes it better. Bitching and crying about them being better will make sure they stay better lol

Your posing is stiff and your lighting can be too uniform. You have great sensibilities with your rim lights (especially putting color into them while keeping them subtle) which is cool. Take your current renders and practice making new ones with more interesting poses. Look at references of other smut artists. Copy them who gives a fuck. Experiment more. Your stuff is too safe. Try weird ass light setups and fuck around with the camera even more. You'll hate yourself less if you study the people who are better than you and you mess around with your settings for the sake of trying things out

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I failed at this
I tried to make her look angry but still horny

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OP here
You know that mine are just the first two right?

I want you to look at the competition

Why are my poses stiff? Why is he better than me? I can't tolerate failing. Look at my latest pose here >>>/trash/66485589

I don't get how to make shit less stiff, I might just quit. I tried three times to make the girl look ok, nothing. Or Jinx here. I am once again considering suicide. Too safe? Yeah, when I failed to draw to learn to draw the same happened,I am too afraid of failure to try something I know I'll be bad at.

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Yea when I said nice subtle rim light I was talking about the second link of the first two, so I know which one yours is.

You should research and study lines of action and just keep making renders. You're not gonna get it overnight and that's chill.

The left jinx is how your pose looks when you break it down into its line of action. The right jinx with the purpler lines is a good idea on how you should THINK of poses. Notice how the curves make a more interesting shape, and help sell movement. Look at how the weird smear frames in overwatch are made. You want to break shapes down to fewer curved lines to communicate motion.

Try tracing over your renders like this and see where you can condense joints into simpler forms. It's a great start. I'm sure a lot of rigs you can get will have rig bones that let you add unnatural bending/curvature along the torso, forearms, shoulders etc.

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Please add me on discord for a quick question

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But why is he better than me?

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I'm more insecure than OP, please give attention to me instead

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Now you got my attention.

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Guys im not sure i have talent
Fuck you this is my show

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I have a request

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>3 ish drawings a year
>why aren't i improving?


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New practice

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i fucking Failed

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