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Discuss and post anime styles in 3d. From figurines to celshaded models, etc.

Recommend Youtube Channel :

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What was Arc System Works's remedy for ugly normal distortions issues caused by animation deformation? I don't think mention this in their GDC video unless it was in the Q/A portion and I missed it.

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should i go with right skin tone or left?

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Right no question

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> picture
Wait but the physics on the left which is marked as wrong is actually how tits work in real life.

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maybe you need to tell him

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I might have something for you. I've got a paid course from Wingfox where a dude known for researching Arc System Work's tries to replicate what they did on Blender.

Stylized 2D Toon Shader in Blender by Pierre Schiller (3DCinetv)
Download: https://gofile.io/d/LV2IYp

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do you have course painting for retard?

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apply solidify before uv mapping or after?

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Thank you anon, hopefully this will make things less confusing. Since we're sharing resources, there is also this free blendfile and pdf I found that tries to break down some of the basics https://yadoob.gumroad.com/l/OTkvB

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good rigging goes a very long way for maintaining good shadows
for the face specifically, i dont know
my best guess is that faces are animated with shape keys that have their normals adjusted respectively
if you use a bone rig you might specifically code your animation system to keep the normals in the face unaffected
that would likely lead to a lot of programs too id imagine, in that case you might want to do normal regeneration on the fly

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typo i mean problems

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Do you lads allow /r/ing models? I'm looking for a Nazuna for a shitty meme

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once again I am requesting rigging resources help a poor nigga out

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I don't know if you're the same anon that asked these courses, but anyway sorry for not helping you yesterday. I was out partying n' shit. I'll be putting The Art of Rigging 1 & 2, and Alive courses up for download.

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ayy that's me, no pressure anon it's very appreciated

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If you see chair nerd ask him about his donut, he's really proud of that render, if you do that he will help you with his rigging resources

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[P2design] AOER2: The Art of Effective Rigging 2 by Pierrick Picaut:
>AOER2 is the most extensive Blender rigging course released to date. It will take you from the very fundamentals of rigging in Blender to high-end, advanced level character rigging from scratch.
>What’s included in the course:
>More than 235 videos
>Over 33 hours of lessons and exercises.
>Full PDF documentation including lesson highlights, keyboard shortcut and rig hierarchy.
>One Blender file per lesson.
>High quality characters optimized to run on any PC.
>Lessons for both blender 3.6x LTS and Blender 4.x
>More lessons and updates coming.
>No paid addon needed.

Download: https://gofile.io/d/BOXDeu

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Reposting in new thread.

Thanks for uploading so many resources!
>Pay me back finding subtitles for this thing.
Not that anon, but i might be able to help with that.
I made a little guide to use AI to generate subtitles locally, it doesn't use many PC resources so most people can do so.
The results?
Check them in the vid here, they are pretty much flawless.
It is impressive how it accurately translates the steps the video describes and what the person speaking is trying to do.

Anyway, anyone has a guide on texturing anime clothes? Like >>985824
says. Most japanese do not use modifiers or fancy 3d tools, they go to photoshop or some other painting tool and draw the clothes there, then UV wrap them to the 3d models.
I suppose that's mostly a photoshop course.
I cannot find much info on that, only blender timeline videos on youtube you need to watch at 0.1x speed to decipher what's happening.

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legend, thanks
giving me an error when trying to access some of the course files but that's alright, probably my fault and I don't really need em that much, just vids and pdfs. you the realest nigga

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Still uploading the first one but i don't know if that one is that needed. It seems this one was released to update and substitute the first course.

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i figured it out I think. I'll wait a bit and redownload it though just in case. thanks again

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The version we got was released by a Chinese group, so....

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[P2design] The Art Of Effective Rigging in Blender by Pierrick Picaut
>Rigging plays a very important role in both the gaming and film industry. A bad rig can make production a real nightmare while a good rig can save you a lot of time and allow you to achieve more with your characters and models. Unfortunately this is often bypassed as most 3D artists are quickly discouraged or intimidated by rigging.
>What’s included with package?
>57 videos divided in 6 chapters for an accumulated length of 10h 56mins.
>All course assets (models, rigs and textures)
>Blender files for each step of the course
>Updated for blender 2.8x and 2.9x
>Compatible with Blender 3.x

Download: https://gofile.io/d/ZG8dRJ

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What's the difference between art of rigging 1 and 2? Should I just stick with 2 since its newer?

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Course-anon, I kneel.
Can you share a course for learning low-poly modeling?

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Check Cubic Worlds, if that is something you think could work i could upload it for you.

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>Cubic Worlds
I'll admit I was hoping for something more Anime style

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2 is a remake of 1 and includes info for 4.0

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The problem is that most of the paid courses about low poly modeling focus on building environments, because of the isometric trend. They don't focus much on building characters, specially anime characters. I'll check some Asian courses, might find something.

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thanks for the courses, truly legendary. are you still uploading or going to upload that Alive animation course?

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[P2design] Alive! Animation course in Blender by Pierrick Picaut:
>Alive! Is the most extensive Blender animation course released to date. It will take you from the very fundamentals of motion in Blender to high-end, advanced level character action animation.
>What’s included in the course
>More than 180 videos
>Over 32 hours of lessons and exercises
>All blender files per lesson
>A ball rig
>A Low poly squirrel rig
>A Battle mech robot rig
>A super hero “Trident” character rig
>Including updated Blender 4.x course's files

Download: https://gofile.io/d/h8hH1q

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oh wow thanks bro you are the goat

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>have to wait next month for the course that i want
please don't leave this board course anon

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bet you don't have this one

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I would recommend to go through the Art of Effective Rigging before doing this course, because there are some stuffs that the lecturer skip almost as if he assuming you bought the other course beforehand.
Got it, in fact. Give me a few hours.

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My knees are ruined from all the kneeling...

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my knee, take it

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how can one man be this based, wtf

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Already started uploading the files. Just give it time.

TOAnimate - Blender Animation Course:
>Get your hands on movie-quality character rigs & props. Our purpose-built models, faces and props give you maximum control over every minor detail. You'll be able to make your characters pose, move, and emote with fluidity & realism.
>Play around in pre-lit, interactive sets. No more animating an empty void. You'll get exclusive playgrounds with dozens of points of interaction so you can focus on smooth animations & smart staging (not tedious lighting and set design).
>Bring your animations to life with 100+ original dialogue clips. With our huge bank of dialogue clips (recorded by professional voice actors, just for this course) you can inject personality into your animations. You'll learn lip-syncing and facial expressions so you can show off a massive range of emotions, tones and situations.

Download: https://gofile.io/d/8Xwtux

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course anon (or anyone that could help) do you have a box model guide that would effectively help me made a head on this exact quality? I don’t mind watching over and over

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Box modelling was made illegal when sculptors rose to power. Sorry.

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>low poly
kys if you do this
checking out "asian sources" wont help you
low poly anime isnt a thing, it just tells me you want something that looks good without any effort/skill

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damn should have use photoshop instead of blender build in texture painting

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I don't want it for anime, I want to make a game
I want something like Vagrant Story so I can focus on atmosphere instead of detailing rust on belt buckles

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If you can google a good course, and it is available on the internet, i'll put it up for download. I tried searching one for you, but since i don't know exactly what are your goals i just got split between several different courses. My understanding is that you want something that can replicate that PS1 era style of low poly count, with lots of triangles, but a distinct "anime" feel.

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Thanks a lot for everything you have uploaded courseanon, it is very very helpful.

Since we are in the topic of courses hard to find, anyone has been able to find the following courses?

I really like this one because it looks like old honkai impact anime characters.
>Blender 三渲二日漫角色《莫伊》建模绑定动画材质渲染全流程教学

While not strictly 3d, these 2 courses cover theory on proper design and scene composition for your anime characters:
>Express Yourself with Character Creation Ideation

A hair-focused course, in a more realistic style, think FF7 remake style, a mix of anime and realistic styles.

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Got you covered for the second and third courses, have to check with more attention the other ones. I should be uploading the ones i got in a few hours.

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I Tried this a while ago because i saw it in a webm of some anime rig. Except the extra bones went all the way around. It looked OK in maya, but I had trouble transferring the functionality of the IKs to unity.

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Yes, texture painting in blender is the worst shit in history

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a bit rough on the edges but pretty good
where can i learn this kind of rigging?

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i feel like a dick for asking, considering how much you've done already, but is there a chance this one is still uploading and/or stopped uploading at some point? pts 1-3 seem to be fine, but 4 onward won't open at all. wouldn't surprise me if it's still uploading, looks to be a pretty massive course. Occam's razor says it's a user error on my end, but I still want to cover all bases.

there's still a lot of rigs and about a third-ish of the course itself in what I am able to open so thank you either way.

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Weird. I uploaded the entire course.

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Does anybody know any sculpting courses for blender sculpting? or is it a dead end and i should just use zbrush

also does somebody got this book?

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Can you give me the official name of the book so i can search for it?

>> No.986347

"note*" by membrane


>> No.986349

will try again later

>> No.986352

If there is any problem again, just post again and i'll try to set up a torrent or something.
I think i might have it.

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Anyone know how to open course videos from GBC without player? I can share maybe 2 or 3 courses if someone can crack their vep format

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asking the same question, i can't even record it

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Goddamn. Someone have this one but they won't leak it. I hate searching for something, finding it, but being roadblocked like this.

Anyway, i'll be uploading the other courses i promised now that i am back home.

二维动画《日常惊醒》全流程制作教学【案例教学】视频教程 | /Full process production teaching of 2D animation "Daily Awakening" [Case Teaching] Video Tutorial:

Download: https://gofile.io/d/qWArSh

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Thanks anyway

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I'll keep trying, since i actually liked the book.

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[Coloso] Express Yourself with Character Creation Ideation by Illustrator, Rinotuna:
>Including several illustration-related publications such as <Kind Coloring> and <Dynamic Drawing>, Rinotuna is a popular instructor at Arteum and a master of ideas.
>Step by step, he will teach you how to effectively visualize abstract thoughts such as ideas and keywords.
>From collecting inspiration from broad areas and reference analysis methods, and through a curriculum where students can try out designs of different directions themselves.
>Complete a brand new character illustration where rich imagination and colors stand out!

Download: https://gofile.io/d/MkYXXW

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So i found this one from the same guy, but not the one about the hair.


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Pretty cool, didn't know you can do this style in substance painter

>> No.986370

Does the course file in >>985755 include the textures for the Artemimi .fbx? It seems to be pointing to someone else's D: drive.

>> No.986377

the one from groupbuy doesn't have it too

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Thank you so much anon!
Lots of courses focus on MAKING characters, but not how to make good ones or composition.
Downloading them right now!!
This looks very good, super-realistic 3d character is something i always wanted to learn, but most tutorial lean on the cartoonish style.
Hope someone leaks it.

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>post deleted

You don't choose anime because you're good at anatomy (or want to get good at anatomy)... but because you want a time-saving crutch to AVOID getting good at those things

Doing things wrong intentionally is peak anime. Probably why weebs get laughed at, besides the whole pedophilia thing.

>> No.986453

i think I figured it out. occam's razor proves itself correct once again. I mostly wanted the advanced lessons and the rigs and I was able to find those so it's all good as far as I care.

also holy shit that course is NOT worth $500, what a fucking scam. I was gonna buy it later this year too, thanks for saving me my hard earned shekels. is there anything this humble anon can do to return the favor?

>> No.986464

If there any other cool courses that interest you, name them so that i can search them up and hopefully find it available to put up for download.
Translations for some of these courses too.

>> No.986473

anyone have this?

>> No.986477

what made it a scam? (im a beginner and can't tell)

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How can i avoid wanting to kms whenever i sit down and try to learn more 3d modeling bs. Its not like im unsatisfied with the quality of my work as ive atleast improved since i began but my brain literally hurts whenever im not mindlessly consuming media. Whatever probably just a skill issue and gotta keep powering through. gimme some harsh criticism and some encouragement.

>> No.986480

Just learned that 90% of this movie was made in Blender.


>> No.986481

What i found to help is to just model something else. Got there studying how to model anime characters? Pause the project and go model something else, like a building. Got tired of that? Pause the project and go model a prop like a table.
Sure, the most immediately obvious downside of that is that you find yourself in the middle of several ongoing projects that just keep on piling up, but eventually you find yourself a rhythm where you are switching between ongoing projects.

>> No.986482

find motivation why you want to modelling, for me i want to make cute anime girl, if you are burn out just stop modelling for a while, don't force it

>> No.986490

Can you mind check part8 on HAVTZA course and 2D Frame by Seoro Oh? Seems like those files are not downloadable.

>> No.986491

ill try giving your advice a shot, i do need to learn more than just anime stuff cause that wont get me anywhere in the industry, i just started with pretty girls cause i like them and someone mentioned earlier in the thread its a quick skip over anatomy lmao.
i wont get anywhere with motivation alone. Its true i want to work with some form of art and 3d modeling works better for me than 2d and i think anime girls are pretty, but my real motivation is because im TERRIFIED of working fucking customer service for the rest of my life so im trying to teach myself something i may potentially do online work with. truthfully i got no idea how thatll work yet but ive got time i guess.

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Is his course actually worth the money/time.

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does anybody else find their modeling takes two years? I specifically picked a low-poly style, but I really think it's taking more time because im autism-ing over every vertex being perfect.

>> No.986518

it looks pretty swell

>> No.986520

i just copied the picture. theirs was less complex than mine but much smaller boobs. i will be trying to copy the OP when i have some time for it. if i discover anything worthwhile ill make a tutorial

but im no sage on this. i need advice too. the boob problem has stopped me from making animations, outfits and alt body meshes.

>> No.986521

disregard trying to be low poly. make a mesh however you can. then you can optimize it afterwards.

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maybe i should learn how to bake from high poly to low poly...

>> No.986524

its a good trick to know, but for what do you need it for here?

>> No.986527

for the coat folds, i have hard time painting it

>> No.986532

it doesn't take me 2 years but at least a solid month per model, I don't think my problem lies within modeling itself but my motivation and my attention span
I gotta learn to just fucking do the work, you know

>> No.986533

ah. yeah. thats a legit strategy to model the whole gd thing in high poly and bake the lighting onto the low poly version. a lot more work than just painting them though.

>> No.986534

Anyone knows of a good sculpting course?
Most i find are for blender 2.8 and that lacks A LOT of the options available on 4.1.
Most 3d anime artists use blender, but it seems sculpting is not a big thing for the process?

>> No.986535


>> No.986536

got one for blender?

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holy moly, das hot
any tips or wise words?
how would one go about making a higher poli model then working down?
funny, modeling is the one program i get this in. i legit cant play games for more then one sitting

>> No.986542

holy moly, das hot
any tips or wise words?
how would one go about making a higher poli model then working down?
funny, modeling is the one program I dont get this in. i legit can't play games for more then one sitting

>> No.986560

>how would one go about making a higher poli model then working down?
once you jave your mesh you analyze the topology and start sacrificing edge loops that arent necessary for the shape. especially if a loop exists to give extra detail in a small area and doesnt contribute anywhere else in the mesh.
think like extra loops laterally on the face to give more edges around the .kuth, byt those loops go down the neck, torso, and legs. you can axe the whole loop except where its needed on the mouth and just use a triangle as the source of the new loop.

>> No.986572

>how would one go about making a higher poli model then working down?
What >>986560 said is valid, but another option is a very low poly retopo

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File: 1.02 MB, 400x300, 1714109089469119.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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very nice

>> No.986595

>any tips or wise words?
combine your poly modeling with a bit of sculpt to shape the body? idk, i just copy timelapse video workflow

>> No.986596

Are you making this Unity for a game or just the renderer? I'm asking because I usually render stuff in Blender and was curious why some people prefer to use Unity for renders

>> No.986597

yeah im making a game. i can only assume someone might use unity for renders because of quick easy assets to drop in. post processing modularity, but if youre gonna do all that work you may as well make like a little model viewer or something.

>> No.986600

Seriously speaking.
Isnt ripping modelling and rippinh characters from anime creators like Koikatsu amd THEN edit them im Blender a better idea than just creating them from scratch?

>> No.986601

It is, just like taking models from DAZ3 or something and then changing it up in Blender is also a good alternative. You can do this with Unreal Engine games as well.

What creating your own models will help you is in the end teaching you how all this mess works, in that what work, what doesn't work, and so on.
But once you master the art of modeling using other models and such is a smart thing to do. Anything can save you on time is a smart thing.

>> No.986602

VRoid exist for a reason

>> No.986605

>blender market 10th anniversary
hope they give free autorig pro

>> No.986606

My guess is it's because Unity lets you customize your shaders more with code, or maybe they just find Eevee and Cycles renderers lacking for some other reason. I know some anime studios have used Unreal for rendering their shows too

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I wanted to do thick outlines with inverted hull but the outlines keep clipping on the hair and fingers, how do the pros get around issues like this?

>> No.986608

oh that makes sense. You biggest limiting factor doing 3d production is render time. game engines are designed to deliver the best possible graphics at the absolute fastest rate possible.

>> No.986609

thickness maps, post work, using special shaders instead of inverted hull, compositing

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File: 65 KB, 449x460, maya_2024-06-12_21-52-47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So here's what I did just now.
I took a mesh I had prepared with the same skeleton as this original gif. Just for variety. I deleted the boob cage, as i call it, and replaced it with a rig that looks like the OP

>> No.986613
File: 118 KB, 1185x672, maya_2024-06-12_21-49-42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I began with a naive approach. I put 1.0 control on every vert on the upper chest joint. Then I skipped the first boob joint, the one deep in the ribcage, and flood painted the whole boob mesh up to some edge loop that looked right.

>> No.986614
File: 117 KB, 623x546, maya_2024-06-12_21-50-06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then I just flood painted a smooth a bunch just to see how it looked. Unsurprisingly it was awful. Way too much boob moved with the joint than it was supposed to and caused folding.

>> No.986615
File: 3.82 MB, 508x512, boobstressTest.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I made a little animation where the deep joint circles around and the outer joint angles to keep the nipple pointing forward.
Imagine she was laying on her back on a little boat. The boat slowly rocks left right and forward back. The mass of her tit rolls around in a circle with her nipples pointing to the sky. That's the idea.
The angles are way more extreme than a real animation would call for, but frankly I want my rig to be able to handle extreme deformation if I want it to. Anyways, I used this animation to hand paint more weights until at every angle there was no folding or weird pulling.

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File: 147 KB, 582x521, maya_2024-06-12_22-04-54.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So the next step will be to add influence on the 2 joints on the top, and that should help I supposed, and maybe it's worth it to have a set on the bottom and sides for very large breasts. I'll find out. However prior to adding the top joints an influence map that looks like this is more what you want than how I had it originally. Most of the breats should be influence by the chest joint, and only the tip have influence at 100%. Maybe no vert should have 100%. I'll try that too.

>> No.986617

>thickness maps
So the outlines around the fingers have be thin and I can't scale them relative to camera distance anymore?
>post work, using special shaders instead of inverted hull, compositing
Do these methods allow for variable line thickness?

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File: 860 KB, 389x317, boobstressTestPlusFlood10.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Maybe no vert should have 100%. I'll try that too.
Just because it was quick I tried this. Flood painted add 0.1 and flood smoothed till the verts looked smooth. Remembering these are extreme angle, I do think it looks better.

>> No.986619

The answer to both questions is it depends on the shader. The ancient 2008 version of maya had an outline tool that wasn't a shader per se, but literally generated geometry around the model along the edge of the model relative to the camera. That tool had external and internal line thickness variations, support thickness maps, and allowed you to combine all of that with camera distance scaling.
There are bound to be shaders or something else that has all that functionality.

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File: 229 KB, 722x650, maya_2024-06-12_22-25-09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I'm guessing here based on the OP pic but I skipped the joint sitting at the nipple like I skipped the joint in the chest, and just gave a spot of influence to the next joint and none to the last one. After running my little animation I added more influence in the back and front making like an oblong shape, but my boobs are more oblong than the OP's.

>> No.986621
File: 2.55 MB, 443x459, boobFinalTest.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So is this adding anything? What does this do really? The joint kicks up much higher, but points back down at a complementary angle. So there's always this sharp transition.

Here's the problem I want to solve. I have these titties that are sometimes hanging out, and other times in bras. The bras may hold the boobs different ways, but the common thing is if they are pushed up then they should become wider and taller while more shallow on the nipple axis. Like squished up. Easy enough to do with blend shapes but I want to be able to rapidly add new outfits so it must be a joint driven solution.

>> No.986623
File: 2.57 MB, 437x415, boobFinalLightTest.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just to be sure I redid the animation at reasonable rotations.

>> No.986624

A method like that would still mean I would have to limit the scaling around the fingers otherwise they might start clipping again. Not really ideal but if it's the only way I'll do it

>> No.986640

>wait, tits?
>maximum autism hyper-tech focus activated
kek'd and I approve

>> No.986656
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i have built up a gigantic collection of over a thousand high quality models to study on. a working shader for almost every game.
i have learned a lot *pikachu face

>> No.986677

got any knowhow on the granblue fantasy versus rising Works?
i tried to studdy it abit ago, but I found it extremely hard.

>> No.986683

seconding this, specifically how the outline shaders work

>> No.986728

Does anyone have either of these?




>> No.986729

it's on previous thread including wandah 2nd course

>> No.986734

thank you again for this. been trying to get into rigging but it's hard to find actual rigging stuff on youtube that aren't just rigify/ARP addon showcases. this guy is top notch and does a great job at explaining things

>> No.986736
File: 2.16 MB, 720x720, Createll__-1801117492544487497-01.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.986738

Been waiting all day to to get home to reply to this
So their actual solution is to disable normal recalculation in engine for bones that are moved. IIRC it is only by position, not rotation. Its been a while since I read the translated slides from a presentation they did, but I believe it was only position.
In blender, you can sort of work it by using data transfer targeting a proxy version of the mesh that only has the primary body parts posed.
More information about doing it in blender can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEb1g_aCLRg
God fuck no do not pay for this shit. Anyone ever that says to use a diffuse bsdf node and color ramps in the same paragraph or video about arc system works is either retarded or bold face lying to you clickbait. They do not use diffused shading, they do not use color ramps.

>> No.986740
File: 310 KB, 2480x1055, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nta, but incredibly well versed in arc system works stuff anon
I will admit that I did not acquire the rising models because I think the game is shit so I don't care so I cannot VERIFY that what I am going to say is true, but if it is ANYTHING like the rest of their games that ALL do the same stuff (which is likely)
First thing: its just an inverted hull method basically. The geometry of the outline is created during game runtime.
Next up, the outline uses CUSTOM TANGENT NORMALS for the outline scaling direction. You may think "surely you're mistaken, tangent normals are calculated automatically based on the surface normal of the face" but I swear to christ I shit you not it is custom tangent normals. A friend of mine even made a bug report to blender because we discovered that the FBX and GLTF import formats discarded the custom tangents of meshes that absolutely 100% have them. The answer was "lmao that isn't real" even though we had visual proof.
Anyways, knowing that stuff, we can talk about how the outline is manipulated and scaled
It uses the vertex colors to store information about how to do the outlines.
Red channel is used for shading, not important to outlines, ignore
Blue channel is used to offset geometry of the outline away from the camera position. This hides bits of the outline from the view to remove ugly outline artifacts because it is just an inverted hull
Green channel has changed a bit between a few games, but in MOST games it acts as a scale multiplier on the base thickness based on camera distance to the vertex. Camera far away? Scale outline bigger. Close up? Shrink outline. Ezpz
Alpha channel of the vertex color controls the base thickness of the outline. 0.5 is "standard" thickness, 0 is no outline, and 1 is "thick"
So goes like

( ( ( distance(Cam.Pos,Vertex.Pos) * VertexCol.G * BASETHICKNESS ) + BASETHICKNESS ) * VertexCol.A * Vertex.Normal * 0.001 ) + normalize(Vertex.Pos - Cam.Pos) * ( (1 - VertexCol.B) * (DepthOffset / 10) )

>> No.986743
File: 327 KB, 1035x764, 1718344682113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

retard question, should i split that single face or no? texture will be hand drawn not using any shader

>> No.986745

> may think "surely you're mistaken, tangent normals are calculated automatically based on the surface normal of the face"
No I won't because it was in the 2014 4gamer article about Xrd graphics

>> No.986747

Course for Anime Hair? I struggle a lot with it

>> No.986748
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almost there

>> No.986749

personally i recommend the first one, curve, then merge it

>> No.986750

>So their actual solution is to disable normal recalculation in engine for bones that are moved. IIRC it is only by position, not rotation. Its been a while since I read the translated slides from a presentation they did, but I believe it was only position.
In blender, you can sort of work it by using data transfer targeting a proxy version of the mesh that only has the primary body parts posed.
Wow I didn't even know they could do that, can you post where you found that slide?
>Anyone ever that says to use a diffuse bsdf node and color ramps in the same paragraph or video about arc system works is either retarded or bold face lying to you clickbait. They do not use diffused shading, they do not use color ramps
What do they use? Also thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Oh so they offset some of the outlines from the camera, maybe this can help me remove my artifact problems too.
>the outline uses CUSTOM TANGENT NORMALS for the outline scaling direction. You may think "surely you're mistaken, tangent normals are calculated automatically based on the surface normal of the face" but I swear to christ I shit you not it is custom tangent normals
I'm not familiar with custom tangent normals so I'm going to have to look up more about this later, how did you find out that's what they use? And thanks for all the info, this is more illuminating than most of the youtube tutorials I've seen

>> No.986752


>> No.986753

surely you're mistaken, tangent normals are calculated automatically based on the surface normal of the face

>> No.986762

does normal map work with hand drawn texture with no shader?

>> No.986763

Normal maps modify the 3d "direction" a pixel faces by essentially bending its initial "direction" by the amount and direction specified on the map. This 3d direction determines how the pixel shades based on the directions and distances of the lights in the scene. If there is "no shader" and thus, no lights, this 3d direction isn't really used for anything. So no.

>> No.986764


>> No.986780
File: 1.22 MB, 1616x796, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh I know exactly the one you're speaking of, but in that article they are talking about custom surface normals which is very very common. The thing I speak of is super fucking weird.
So normally an outline, you take the vertex position, then scale outwards based on the vertex normal. Works fine for mesh that is all connected, no separated faces. But if you have separated faces and/or sharp edges, this will not work and will leave gaps in your outlines
Pic related
Short version: get nearest vertices within a given radius, then average the tangent normals between the faces at the vertex, then store them as tangent normals. NOT surface normals.
Going to be honest, I can't remember what slide and I have dozens. But I know thats how its done because of person I know well called Aeryn/Whistfulhopes has done a fantastic job of validating information deconstructing and reconstructing the code for the game shaders. It's also fairly easy in unreal to disable it apparently.
>what do they use
Dot products. ONLY dot products.
Then you do a bunch of math to move the dot product and make it binary instead of smooth.
If you'd like to learn more about it, this shader is the most game accurate shader that exists because it was made in tandem with the deconstructed shader code from the game. It isn't 1:1 exactly as there are some liberties to make it more useable in blender.
I not you shit

>> No.986786

What exactly do they do with the tangent normals? Is it just overloading the tangent 'slot' to specify custom offset directions?
Because if they aren't using normal maps, there would be no need to construct a full basis at each vertex and therefore the tangents wouldn't make any difference

>> No.986787

They don't use normal maps no. The custom tangent normals are only for outline scaling it seems. And yes, its just overwriting the tangent normals in the data with custom directions.

>> No.986792
File: 375 KB, 969x880, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cheers i'll def be looking into the GG shaders.
I was going to do that cource on the GG shaders (>>986053), should I just skip it for the resource you gave, or does it still have worth?

damm, good work

>> No.986802

Can somebody recommend me some resource to deal wit shoulders modeling, topology, rigging and weight painting? It don't need be anime related but at least not male because of different proportions.
I just cannot make them deform properly, without bending or going thru rib cage. Available tutorials and models have usually those problems too or weird looking proportions.

>> No.986832

not a whole lot there for what they're charging, and the majority of stuff there is freely available elsewhere. also skimmed through some vids and some stuff is just straight up incorrect. theres a long ass vid about making a treadmill into a forward walk, talking about math and having to note down bone coordinates and plug them into a calculator in some retarded long process when you can literally just copy paste the y location curve of the foot bone into the y location curve of the root bone and be done in less than 10 seconds. the best part is she literally has the graph editor open in front of her the entire time with the exact curve she needs to use highlighted. how three (allegedly) professional animators didn't know that is mindblowing.

>> No.986835

any good tutorial/course including baking + hand drawn texture?

>> No.986841

based on the armor and horn, fgo character?

>> No.986874
File: 798 KB, 2505x3065, img0058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ye barghest

>> No.986884

Anon, do you have a link to this one?

>> No.986901

she's a big girl

>> No.986921

amazing thread tysm everyone i was wondering if anyone had a course or a tutorial for a ps1/n64/ps2 style low-medium poly box modelling tutorial for characters :3

>> No.986924
File: 2.06 MB, 824x878, _ Bremerton5 [E__3D_Bremerton5.blend] - Blender 4.1 2024-06-15 21-16-46.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

18 image texture, and it's not even look like hand drawn texture, damn

>> No.986950

Where can you find models like these? Can I get them for free somehow?

>> No.986955

this video covers how to regulate outline thickness around the 1 hr mark, ignore model quality

>> No.986964

do you use an airbrush tool? hard edged brushes with textures are the secret to the "hand painted" look.

>> No.986971

Not a tutorial but I've found these couple resources that help with things like texture sizes and poly/tri counts for the different eras. I've been trying to find ps2 related info myself



>> No.986977

Does anyone have this course? Its not 3D but thought I'd ask anyway


>> No.986984
File: 94 KB, 1303x1072, heinn_dev (8).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


ive been studying that style for a while, here are some good resources:


(not really low poly but still worth the read)


most of those videos/people will cover 99% of the basics

Twitter people:
Yagamimi (troon)
VoidID (furry but has good commissions of character)
shrapnelsoup (wiped his stuff off the internet but some of it can still be found)a

There is this autism that to copy the art style YOU MUST stick to the console restraints.
I think this is dumb and not the core of the art style. as you'll never push it forward like Heinn_dev has.
but do whatever.

>> No.986985
File: 30 KB, 477x681, Yagamimi (90).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also nobody will teach you this but it is 1000% important
i cannot stress this enough

>> No.986987

>There is this autism that to copy the art style YOU MUST stick to the console restraints

you ain't wrong about that. People get too hung up on that sort of thing

>> No.986988

Great recommendation on that Heinn_Dev guy. I didn't realize he made all the stuff for Dread Delusion

>> No.986990

got anything from dillongoo's courses?

>> No.987009

i use standard circle brush...

>> No.987014

does anyone have animation sherpa? I wanna learn about space switching.


>> No.987028

i hear you. i really hate using any tryhard brushes. circles for lines and soft circles for shading. ive also never tried to do the "hand painted" look but i have heard it said that the trick is hard edged brushes with textures.

>> No.987029

slow in and slow out and youre 99% of the way to perfect animation.

>> No.987044


Anyone got this one? Its restricted I know some of it (or a related one) was posted in the last thread but I'm not seeing any material for the cyberpunk girl.

>> No.987048

i remember someone post it on previous thread

>> No.987049

i really need a good coloring course for 3D

>> No.987064

It's going to be annoying following the shader bit without subs. Anyone got a tutorial with shaders as good as this one? AI subs would be another option.

>> No.987115


Anybody got this course? Looks nice with the added UE stuff

>> No.987116

>Also nobody will teach you this
if you look up how to do uvs in maya, max, houdini or pretty much any software besides blender you would have learned this.
texel density is integral for uv unwrapping and texturing.
blender tutorials can be good, but if you arent impressed by the portfolio of the person making the tutorial then dont take it to heart.
also i think its usually not mentioned because its kind of obvious, its like saying that your uvs should be without distortion

>> No.987118

Only on artstation learning. Im not shilling but its really hard to find.
If you don't like paying, there's always YouTube