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New to Blender, when I try to append models I bring in a lot of useless objects, rigging and such.
Is this normal? It takes a lot of time to clear up the clutter.

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Importers usually have settings for what aspects of a file you wish to import. You only want the meshes you need to untick everything else.

Thing to understand is also how export formats like .fbx .obj etc aren't intended as work formats but as the thing an asset is packed as when it's sent from one application to another or to a game engine.

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I'll explain what happened. I got a model I wish to append into an scene. It's a .blend file.
I append and it comes with a lot of random and useless materials, like copies of the rigging floating. It doesnt happen if I just open the blend file
I am having trouble even understanding whats going on

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Maybe all that additional stuff is hidden in the original scene and that's why you don't see it?
Another possibility is that blend file actually contains more than one scene and additional stuff comes from that.
Tbh I don't know how import works with rigging and parent-child relation between rig and model, maybe try to add them to a collection and import that?

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When I append from a .blender file I go into the object folder and just either select a for all or pick