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Why the fuck blender doesn't have a 2D rig?

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hi Cris, have you tried the coa tools?
you could ask thisd shit in your own personal thread too, retard.

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or in the blender thread.

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that shit crashes on blender 4.

last update was 4 years ago.

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github says updated 2 weeks ago, you could download an older version of blender to do this crap too.

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Cris, all this shit is just poor man's Opentoonz, just download that, it is free too.

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>Why the fuck blender doesn't have a 2D rig?
because you get what you've paid for

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Can't you just make a 3D rig and not use one of the dimensions?

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that is maya though

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didn't realize i post in the wrong thread

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But to use Blender you pay shit all!
Does it mean by using Blender we get, all shit?

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just dont animate on the z axis?

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can you not just add constraints to your bones so they only rotate on one axis?