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What's the best way to import a fully textured, rigged Blender human model into 3dsmax, is the pictured Connector any good?

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Import model with textures and re-rig it using CAT

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Or maybe a better question would be how can my friend model/change the face of a fully rigged character that was made in Blender. My friend knows 3dsMax

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if he knows Max all he needs is an exported fbx. If he doesn't know Max, import fbx, use skin utils to extract vert weights, delete face from SkinData mesh so its just the body, modify the original import as desired, select both and use skin utils to import and map bones by name to retain the body's skinning. It takes less than 5 minutes minus the face editing. Material mapping IDs to UV channels/condensing isn't difficult either. I dont use blender so i dont remember how the export->import handles bones precisely, but it shouldnt matter.