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What does /3/ think about the Metalheart aesthetic?

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it's called depthcore, zoomie

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'metalheart' predates depthcore as label for that look, now you're the zoomie.

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>Using Fandom as a reliable source
Clearly only idiots believe in their AI junk. It’s called metallic.

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both look like shit sorry
why do you even care about -core shit make something of your own

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This shit never had a name, at best they were called cancer explosions.
I miss it, I'd go searching for old tutorials on how to make it on Deviantart if the site wasn't so infested with A.I.

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this looks like I'd see it on the album cover of an obscure european power metal band that was somewhat popular in the early 00s and has like three songs that are somewhat listenable that I'd add to my spotify playlist before spotify takes them down after a week for no damn reason then brings them back 5 years later and I listen to them and think 'oh i remember these guys' then remove them from the playlist because they no longer fit the overall vibe I'm trying to curate.

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kino. blendturd babbies cant even do shit back in the days

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archeological site for internet """""historians"":

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2 decades ago it looked like tryhard 3D noob stuff and it still does. basically it was the early 00s donut but visually "interesting" enough to impress people who're not familiar with working with 3D software

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yeah and not just their work but they're all like having really edgy names like XCOCK, Too Advanced, Designer's Anarchy etc

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>blender can't make this kind of art!


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>2023 zoomer tryna emulate 2000 soul
literally, figuratively, and unironically forced soul.

its not just about soul either. blender's rendering just cant match the crispiness and the cleanliness of 3ds max scanline render. its not a placebo thing, theres a real algorithmic difference between bucket based vs scanline based render.

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>I miss it, I'd go searching for old tutorials on how to make it on Deviantart if the site wasn't so infested with A.I.
Use google image search and append "before:2022" at the end. That helps me get to the older stuff

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It's not too awful. If you have an account you could filter out ai, midjourney, dall-e and the like in the Muted Tags setting.
>they can just not tag
Most of them don't tag for shit so it won't pop up in a search in the first place. A bulk of the uploads have a generic title or number and absolutely no description either