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Why should I use Zbrush instead of sculpting in Blender?

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Zbrush UI might be bad out of the box but the Blender one is just as bad at least in the sculpt mode. Plus you can just make custom menus so Zbrush is a lot more useable that way. If you want to sculpt on more than a million polygons without chugging your PC and crashing to shit you're probably going to want to just sculpt in Zbrush.

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better tools, more performance.

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Zbrush because it's better than Blender

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Because it's better, that's all

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If you are just starting out blender is fine but not learn with a better tool from the beginning? You are just self sabotaging at this point

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Blender chugs after 10 million polygons or so. It can handle more but thats if you have a giga build with 32+ GB ram, and lag is killer while sculpting. Zbrush can easily handle 50+ mil without a hitch.

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Zbrush's indisputable advantage is performance, like other anon said when you move into double digit million polys blender chugs to a halt but Zbrush will still render silky far beyond that.

So if you wanna sculpting super detailed stuff with skin wrinkles and pores and shit like that you need Z-brush, but If you're cool with handling that level of detail with textures Blender will serve you well.

If I where advising my younger self I'd say stick to blender till you're a highly proficient sculptor and if you wanna move beyond that pick up Z-brush.

Working on tiny details before you can capture the large forms well isn't that beneficial anyways.

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You should use 3dcoat or hexagox for sculpting

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Only reason I can think of is extremely small skin details. But even then you would be better off painting them in your 3D texture painter of choice since it's much faster and non-destructive that way. Blender can handle all the rest of your secondary detail sculpting just fine, despite the memes from Autodesk third-worlder jeets with poor PC specs that might say otherwise.

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Blender can’t even correctly process the polygons and ruins the original shape. SHUT UP about such nonsense when it’s Blender’s development team to refuse any hotfix on a simple bug.

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because it will force you to learn proper sculpting workflow and techniques. so many blender sculpting tutorials just focus on remeshing or dynamic topology.
multiple subdivision levels, projecting details, masking, hiding parts of mesh, and polygroups/facesets are extremely important if you want to make high quality sculpts.
blender allows you to avoid these parts because of its modeling toolkit and other features.
when you use zbrush and follow a zbrush course/tutorial you will learn the ideal way of sculpting thats used by thousands of professionals daily.
once you learn that workflow you could move onto blender if you felt like it. But having that foundation is pretty good imo

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you HAVE to purchase zbrush, maya, nuke, houdini, and the full adobe creative suite or you will NEVER make it, full stop.

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Zbrush is specially build around sculpting, so it uses a 2.5D engine. This means you can have more polygon/performance. It has more features around sculpting as it is porpose build for it.

However if you are fine with what Blender offers, its sculpting tools are okay. The biggest benefit is that they are integrated, and you don't need import/export or learn another program.

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Somehow Zbrush has employed some programming black magic to run loads of polygons on fucking toasters.

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Is it morally correct to pirate Zbrush?

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Why do you care

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At this point, it doesn't matter. We have been robbed and taxed like a big titty dumb blondes first time at a frat party.

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Nah, there are things in life that matter, but the society that we live in at the moment, doesnt.

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better tools overall, but if you just want to practice fundamentals blenders sculpting is more than good enough. don't use 3dcoat btw

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Blender does not chug at millions of polygons faggots just dont know how to use the Multiresolution modifier

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It's prohibitively expensive unless you're a company

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uh it is better DUH

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>some programming black magic

Also called manipulating inside a 2D viewport that translates into 3D in the background instead of rendering every vertex in 3D in realtime like the average engine