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I see a lot of people saying that they don't need topology in Maya. How does that work? How does Maya handle subdivision? How do meshes generated by Maya look like? What does Blender lack in terms of modeling tools since its users need to resort to topology knowledge?

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We don't need a topology simply because we have a no-topology workflow enabled by default.

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Anon, just use the no topology workflow like everyone else.
No need to go back to medieval ages.

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Enable no topology workflow.

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I don't understand why anons don't use it

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What's that? How does that work?

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What does Blender lack in terms of modeling tools since its users need to resort to topology knowledge?

Blender is designed as a tool for hobbyists, and as such, you may find yourself spending over $600 on plugins to make it function like a lobotomized version of Maya or Max. However, you may soon realize that most of these plugins will become incompatible with the next update

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I know I'm being trolled but please tell me the exact name of a tool in Maya that bypasses topology and which Blender lacks

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Its called no topology workflow anon, I don't know if blender has it

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Unreal Engine 5 triangulates everything on import, so it doesn't even matter. Anything related to topology -> intro the trash it goes way before it hits the screen anyway.
And somehow Blender people still insist that models have to be all quads to be "game ready assets". That's you brain on Blender.

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I only found one video about it with 80 views which boils down to "remesh your object into a fuckton of tris so you can bend it", also ignore small shading artifacts. This doesn't seem helpful.
How does your 3D software deal with animating characters without topology?

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There no issues with animating characters made of triangles. In fact all current games do so.
The bottom line is that your ALL QUADS grift is coming to an end.

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I skimmed through the video, he just uses some basic tools. He avoids topology by using dynamic topology which creates a lot more geometry than needed.
Yes, you can animate those models if they are dense in tris.

It think I'm seeing the general pattern here. Ignore the poly count and make your mesh so bloated you can't see any artifacts.

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I forgot to say, good luck animating how the face skin moves when smiling without proper topology backing the wrinkles up. If you have the proper topology then the wrinkles show up by themselves when animating. Moving the tris manually to animate them seems like a massive chore.

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No. You don't understand. There are no issues with triangles and you don't have to have too many of them.

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Show me how would you animate face wrinkles on a face composed solely of remesh triangles

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Also show me how would you avoid the problem of misaligned tris while animating without remeshing so much the artifacts become almost invisible

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If a games uses Nanite, which most AAA games out there right now do, your models don't only get triangulated at import, they also get dynamically re-triangualted to accomodate stuff like real bump mapping.

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You keep avoiding the question about wrinkles.

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Because it's a nonsensical question.

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You've never animated anything in your life. Your dependence on Nanite bloats modern games and makes the animator's life a nightmare.

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I post (and I've been posting) animation made with triangulated models made in Blender around here for a year now. I don't say it every time because you ALL QUADS cultists get so worked up every time but the truth is that all the issues you may have with triangles are due to EEVEE and Cycles rendering bugs, out of which you've managed to create a religion. But then again, it's coming to an end because high quality static and animated assets created entirely within Unreal Engine have already been demonstrated.

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Slay those topology chuds and show them your all-tris face animation with proper wrinkles made in Maya!

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the square ring one is for modeling buttholes and pussy holes, isn't it?

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Wrinkles are dinamically triangulated to proper simulation, simulating in quads is retarded.
Just use Maya no topology workflow and when you need to use it on another software like unreal, convert it to topology mesh and if you really need an specific topology use automatic retopology tools on Maya.
Either way it's converted to triangles in the software.

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You render tris but the deformation is defined by actual edge flow.

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Surprisingly no. The topology for the pussy and asshole is more complex than that. This is for more for things like pockets, buttons, the eyes and mouth.

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No. There is no such thing as "edge flow". The deformation is entirely defines by nearest vertices and the nearest edge orientation.

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>No. There is no such thing as "edge flow". The deformation is entirely defined by [proceeds to give a roundabout definition of edge flow]

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wtf I thought the newest Maya solved topology?

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If you don't want to understand, you're not going to understand. It's fine with me.
That's a nice showcase of how little topology actually matters for animations or anything else really.

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He won't because it doesn't exist

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>I see a lot of people saying that they don't need topology in Maya
Nah, it's just one troll messing with my topology thread.