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>*breaks nonphotorealstic rendering*
>uhhhhh hey can you guys fix this, we're stuck on Blender 3.0
>it's just one guy
>he broke it on purpose and refuses to fix it because of his "vision" for Eevee, a realtime engine that runs at 2 fps
I'm starting to understand the criticism against Blender.

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Should have learned the fundamentals so that you could write a shader that wouldn't break so easily.

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>just write your own nodes bro

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Should have gotten a "B" instead of an "F" in comprehension bro.

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Blender is for making doughnuts

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I'm in 2.7, I know your pain

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What is wrong with 4.0? been using it and it just werks

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No more reflections for NPR materials. It's been that way for two years, broken, on purpose.

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i understand this pain, truly its annoying, but to that, you have 2 options. Get to understand the fundamentals better or use Malt.
You can also pray that one day someone will crack the psfot software already being used professionally on animes nowadays (i really want this shit, but i cant justify buying it for myself yet).

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There is no understanding your way around patched-out reflections, anon. They are simply gone in an NPR workflow.

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>Eevee, a realtime engine that runs at 2 fps
It's time to upgrade your PC, pajeet-kun.

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Ah I need a 5000$ setup to run a textured skinned character in eevee in 30fps, I see

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You are wrong anon, my pc is good and still runs like shit.
I can't upgrade more my pc every if I had the money, still is bad.

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BlenderGuru has a $20,000 computer and his performance is still shit, retard. The engine is broken.

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What is this? Paid addon?

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>realtime engine that runs at 2 fps
i'm on win 7 running a fucking hp envy/emachines frankenstein with a gtx 1050 ti.
eevee does 144 fps just fucking fine.
what is wrong with your setups?
do you have weatherbug installed?