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How to get good relatively fast for props and weapon modeling? I need to get decent fast for personal reasons, any tips? I use maya and I understand 2D lighting and perspective in a mid level

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Just use CAD software instead, weapons and other stuff are measured and built on the numbers.

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Cris, just so you know, 3D printed guns don't really work. You'll not be able to do your "personal reasons" with a 3D printed gun. It was a clickbait meme propagated by CNN and such.

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depends on what you want to use it for (game, animation etc)
is it realistic weapons or cartoon guns

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Realistic weapons for games

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check boltondynamics
when he's not schizoing, he actually post some good tips on modeling weapons

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Hes going to have a massive schizophrenic fit again when his latest abandonware game collapses in on itself when he has to do any actual work on it instead of the shittiest possible low-poly assets and rudimentary path-finding

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I find his schizorenting funny

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>How to get good relatively fast for props and weapon modeling?
By modeling props and weapons, there is no shortcut, you can only roll up your sleeves and get to it, you'll get better with each new model