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There are currently 4 donut threads in this board. Let's make a fifth one. Fuck you Cris.

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Fuck there's 5....so 6 shit.

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is this the permitted single meta thread per board?

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Yes but now there's 7 fucking blender donuts threads.FTS

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I see 7 including this one

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Aint that a bitch. And jannies are still banning real posters from their mom's basements just because.

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we definitely need more donut threads

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well, go ahead, make one

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i laughed when i noticed all the doughnut threads.
it's nice we also have a thread to talk about the doughnut threads.
i liked the "le donut of blender. based!" the most.

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This is the state of /3/. 8 fucking donut threads

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Post your doughnut or gtfo filthy degenerated

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fucking stop already

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Why don't you post your donut?
Donut or gtfo

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90% of /3/ has never used any 3d software (including me, not even joking)

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9 donut threads yet jannies are still shitting their pants.

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they are busy making donuts

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Post your donut, we are in /donut/

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What are you hiding? I'm the donut nerd and I don't like you

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We've now crossed the critical line and now more and more are jumping on the bandwagon. /3/ has no mods and the ones from outside that may get alerted are not familiar with the board and don't see anything wrong

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No. Because meta threads are not allowed. Hiro retracted the allowance years ago.

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>Hiro retracted the allowance years ago.
Really? I only know that CP is not allowed and discussing Circus (1936) on /tv/ is also not allowed.
And maybe racism and porn and Luke Smith threads.
I really thought meta threads were allowed everywhere.

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Nope. Not allowed. He went back on it. But of course everyone reposts that one image saying that it is allowed, which causes a lot of confusion and butthurt when the mods invariably delete the meta thread.
I don't have proof, because the bulletin was deleted. You'll just have to take me on my word. Or go searching for the proof yourself.

Basically, when Hiro first acquired the keys to the site, he was excited to immerse himself in the community. He made /qa/ a big deal for moderation feedback. And he enacted the 1 meta thread allowance.
But then, as time went one, he become more and more estranged. And eventually /qa/ became a graveyard of memes filled with so much meta-irony, that nobody could tell what the fuck was going on over there. And it got shut down. I forget if the meta thread happened before or after /qa/'s shut down. But it did come as well. Feedback on the website reverting back to the time before Hiro's acquisition. You either type into the void that is the feedback page. Or navigate the archaic IRC to have a mod tell you you're a faggot, before maybe or maybe not doing anything to help.