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You guys love to talk big shit like you're hot shit.
But can you walk the talk?
Big chungus.

Prove it, if you can, that you know your shit.
Post a solid render you have made so far.

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I'll make my render as soon as I can decide if Blender is better than Maya.

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Can you try to render that scene in some super modern renderer with global illumination, god's rays, path guiding, lens flares, Intel Open Image Denoiser, AI upscalind and then downscaling, PBR materials, SSAO? You know, every single buzzword. Depending which system/version of Blender you're using I may be able to suggest some. No Cycles please.

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Yeah cris let me just waste a few weeks making a cool render solely for your shitty thread that I will never be able to post anywhere else on the internet or my artstation or patreon because I don't want to be associated with this website

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No need. A solid 10 minute render is better that anything Chris will ever make.

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you can't even make cubes look good.


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Sovl, the perfect render
Souless, I pity your attempt at art
The worst thing so far, go back to square one

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souless. forced soul. cringe.

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sup Cris