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How do you even justify a stylization like this? It's so disproportionate.

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It's basically just a 'sensory homonuculous' of ass/thigh worship.
The dimensions of each area is enlarged or shrunk based on the ratio of appeal the artist experience.

Our artist here declare a clear preference for the lower body with special emphasis placed on iliac crest and calves.
The appreciation of the leaned back and foreshortened view of the torso also suggest our culprit is a huge carpet munching enthusiast.

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Just don't. When someone gives you shit for your abstract design you just wipe your tears away with the stupid amount if money you got for selling it.

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>How do you even justify a stylization like this?
Why do you need to justify something?

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Bruh we've been over realism for centuries now
Only midwits and gamers care for that

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Really? Wow, Lucky I'm both. Dodged that bullet I guess.

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You are both? Shit I'm sorry, I'm going to pray for you

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>Justify stylization

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>pray for you
Jokes on you, only people with highly questionable wit would ever pray in the first place and only a real tardigrade tier who believe in the power of prayer would ever use their prayers as an insult.

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How do I even justify stroking my wiener to this? It's so disproportionate.

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you are on 4chan buddy, you need a reality check

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I like long ladies. Lanky ladies, even.

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>hoop earrings
good shid