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I ripped this games models, and I'm trying to make the skin look like pic-related. When you rip the model it gives you generic principled BSDF. I attached a fresnel shader, to get the glow on the outline, but I am not sure how to make the skin look like this. They're using fake lighting & shadows to give it that glow, and a mask is on certain parts of the body that has a stronger glow to it. How do I replicate it?

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Here's the model without any lighting. (It's tifa cause idk how to rip Rinoa yet.) I added Fresnel to give it that glow on outline.

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Here's the model when there's lighting in the scene. It looks like garbage unlike in the game. So it makes me think they are using fake lighting/shadows. Because the the lighting doesn't move when the character does. So I am trying to figure out how to get it to render like the game.

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The model comes with 2 files. The main texture on the left, and the black red & green texture on the right. (Called a mask). The main thing I notice from the mask is that, it is only being shown on the right side of the face (like in the picture in the OP) so it makes me think that they're using the mask to make one side of the face glow, and the other side not.

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See, the mask is only shown on the right side of the face. So that makes me think the mask might be related to how they're doing the glow on the face. How do I make the character models skin look like the picture in the OP? Do I draw another separate texture or something and put it where the mask is? Or do I do something else.