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I've been using SourceFilmmaker over the past year to make a voiced-acted visual novel. It's called "Please Fur My Wife" and Pizza Girl is one of the heroines that you can date.

There's a demo out and you can see a few completed SFW scenes at youtube.com/@chadchan3d

The game's premise is that you're one of the last humans in a world of furries. This was an NTR fetish parody game (still is) but it's growing into a story about furries vs humans.

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This is another heroine: Kaitlyn. She's a secretary and she's pretty dumb but she has a heart of gold.

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I'm using AI voices (Elevenlabs) and 3D renders (SFM models) and combining them in the visual novel engine Renpy. The budget is zero dollars and immeasurable autism.

My goal is to make a cool 3D game in the spirit of passion projects like "Snoot Game" and "Katawa Shoujo."

Pic related is a simple gallery feature that I'm still working on.

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anthro heads gotta be a smidge bigger than an appropriate human head for the given height

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How did you make your characters? These 2 seem to have different styles.

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So there's real time interactions?

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Whoa! That gives her a distinct look and it's simple to do by scaling the model's headbone up by 1.1x.

I'm going to run this idea by my Discord folk to see if the consensus is that it looks better; I think the bigger head does kinda look better.

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I do not make any characters; I use free models that are available on SFMLabs or SFM Workshop. Through the game development process I've learned how to edit textures and bones in Blender, but I don't really know how to sculpt anything.

No but there are menu choices.

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I've seen it a lot with 3D anthros. You think you're scaling the furry head to fit the body, but the furry head has extras on it. The same sized head looks too small.

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What about your animations?

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There are animations for important or sexy scenes. Animating is a lot of fun for me so wherever I can I'm sprinkling short animations onto the adventure.

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Your suggestion is amazing! I'll render some comparisons soon. My worry is that the girls might look like bobbleheads or Splatoon characters.

Pic related is Mister Froggie. He's a gag character who may or may not be a plushie toy imbued with magic.

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Not really sure where I'm going with him but people seem to like his outrageousness.

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One last Mister Froggie moment.

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Not really sure where I'm going with him but people seem to like his outrageousness.

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Yeah there's an edge where they look too silly. Gotta experiment and get outside opinions. It can be easy to get tunnel vision on a design and not even realise what you're putting together looks ridiculous.
That's good. How are you doing sexy scenes, is it a short loop, a long loop, a continuous animation?

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I believe that heat comes from context. So the sexy scenes are click-through-image buildups of dialogue and innuendo that climax in a fucking animation (or several animations).

Here's an example of the build-up to one sexy scene (Sally Part 1).

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(Sally Part 2)
[Sped up to fit 4chan's file size limits.]

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(Sally Part 2)

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It's subtle but I think it makes a difference.

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yup. small change, big improvement.

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Thank you for pointing that out; you've helped make this project better.

I may not amend all the old renders (there are hundreds) but I will adopt this change for future scenes.

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Might as well balance out the enlargements, no?

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I mean yeah. I'm the same way. If I'm going to make a modification I go bigger.

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Hey I'm developing my own VN in renpy too!
only I'm rendering in Blender and making a lole game instead of furry

is your project really 7 gigs? damn makes me glad I encoded all images in my game in webp, 800 images and only 740MB
specially rendering the transparent character sprites separately from the backgrounds I went from 11MB pngs to 650KB webps with no quality sacrifice

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Yeah sheesh having all of your graphics in raster images has gotta be really rough.

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Kill yourself

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Disgusting furry, keep your degenerate art out of this boar... Wait, Lola bunny is there!, keep going good sir.

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Why the fuck does this thread exist?
It's just advertising your shitty as fuck Renpy cuck game. You couldn't even be bothered to use consistent models. Fuck off.

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/3/ is dead without project threads. Its projects or endless software wars. Post your project.

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My project is about a bolder that grows on and on and keeps growing until it becomes a really big bolder, it's 75 GB to download, do you want to play test it?

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Project threads are the worst threads to exist on /3/ 99% of the time.
It's just faggots begging for the attention they didn't get on /wip/. They're not special.
If it's a long term project that has progress or something then it gets a pass, but not this fucking advertisement.

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My nigga!

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Diana looks very expressive. Keep it up!

The full project is 9.83 gigs (so far) but for public releases I use this "Ultrafast Adult Games Compressor" program from F95Zone that cuts the size into 1/4th of the total.

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So you rendered this out and put like an uncompressed HD video into the VN?

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I render out videos as mp4 then use ffmpeg to make those mp4s into webms. All videos in the game are webms.

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I fucked up my workflow and ballooned the project's size and labor. Originally the game used sprites + backgrounds but I wanted a more cinematic player experience.

Now all graphics are individual renders with characters inside of their 3D environment. But conventions exist for a reason: I think that I gained very little from this new process besides making development be painstaking.

I may return to sprites + backgrounds and use my "cinematic approach" for important scenes. Blend the strengths of two ideas.

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3D tools are designed to create things and I made a shitty Renpy cuck game. I am tired of moaning and complaining; here's instead what I'm actively making.

Sometimes people vibe with what you're doing, like >>980551, and they offer suggestions that improve the work. When you show your projects to other people you get new perspectives. Yours is miserable.

I've coomed and pirated my whole life so I'm making a free coom game for weirdos. May it resonate in another human being; that's the communication of art.

I agree that nascent ideas shouldn't be shared--it tends to curtail the effort needed to manifest them--but the demo for this game was released a year ago and I've been working consistently on it since. This is an actual thing and so I share it.

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I've rendered several animated sprites as transparent webms, mainly to show a couple characters dancing or walking in or out of scene
Also I lock in the camera behind the MC and first of all render out the scene from that locked perspective, then I render the other character sprites from that same perspective and even animate them and just render the webm with an alpha channel, that way the characters fit in perfectly with the scene even if they're just sprites

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Ah but shadows. Do you get transparent shadows too?

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yes, in Blender at least it's as easy as placing a shadow catcher under the characters and using the same scene specific lighting

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Shadow catcher?!
Explain. Is this a blender plug in or just a snazzy name for a transparent material that receives shadows?

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That offers great versatility (reusable sprites) while maintaining an immersive look. Very smart!

A strength of sprites is that they can shake and move left or right, like a picture cut-out glued onto a popsicle stick. I've been brainstorming ways of recreating that sense of motion with full 3D renders and one method is your way of using alpha channels. I've also considered using a combination of dissolves or of making simple slide animations (move the character on a single axis in or out of frame).

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Made the gallery interactive.

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>Using webm instead of avi like normal people
Kill him

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Should I be using avi in Renpy instead of webm?

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Minimizing your file size is your absolutely highest priority. I do not know if avi files are better compressed than webm, but I don't think so.

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Uncanny nightmare. Please never touch SFM again

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So what are the 3dcg related updates? Have you made any transparent sprites you can reuse?

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The updates are in using 3DCG for storytelling. I made sprites initially but felt that it was visually limiting so I chose instead to make a million renders for everything.

In hindsight, sprites is the right way for an efficient workflow.

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How much is every ren

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Every render is about 8mb but when the project is compressed for distribution, each render becomes about 200kb. As of now the project has 1,300 renders.

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Can you have sex in the game?

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Only if you accept the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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I was just seeing some old Fallout gameplay footage. It looks like for their CG lipsyncing they had most of the image rendered and just overlayed new renders of the mouth being open and such. IT looked good for the time and is surely only easier to do now. They did it to save file space, so it might be a good idea to check out.

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Thank you for the suggestion. The first two Fallouts are some of my favorite games and it's neat to see how they were made (in hopes of recreating a similar effect).

There's no end to efficiency in designs. I can use cutouts (reusable sprites) or your suggested method for intimate conversations in close-up. I am continuing for now with my approach of cinematic renders; one reader called it "3D stop motion" and I really dig that description.

I hope to make another game to put to practice these different and efficient techniques. But as for file size: Does that matter in 2024? What's the size thresholds to avoid? I know that a small filesize shows careful work and helps with distribution, but is the goal to minimize the size for the limited storage of Android players?

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You can go up to 2GB in Google Play Store but after 2GB you have to do actual code and write a long letter to Google on why the game should be published.

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Source of the model?

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>No chicken legs sex scene
>No tube meat rubbing scene

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I see. I've no plans to sell this game. Its parody nature forbids it from being sold. All of my art, comics and games I share for free anyway.