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>13 years of production experience
>Modeler/texture artist.
>Worked on big budget production.
>Writer strike happens, vfx house basically closes down
>Running on 11 month of not working.
I'm dying inside little by little. I hate any past colleagues who finds work. We're all clawing and scratching for scraps. Keep this shit a hobby, don't try and go pro.

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You're all replaceable cogs whose job can be done by Indians for one-tenth of the money. If you had any talent you'd be making your own films.

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>If you had any talent you'd be making your own films.

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I started working on my own material and art because of this. I'm making a bit of money from social media and music videos I'm putting out.

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Blender peertube shows why it’s an awful idea for dumb people to make videos or movies. Yes there’s some great videos but not all of it.

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>whose job can be done by Indians for one-tenth of the money
and one-hundredth of the quality
You never save money by using Indians. The drop in quality is so big it always impact sales hard.
It's unironically better to pick an even *cheaper* random third-world country, you will get better stuff out of it.

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good morning sir

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I'm a 2D Animator in the US and it's almost been a year of unemployment for me too, but when I search for "Animator" on job boards all I see is 3D Jobs. Are my chances any better finding a 3D job? Thinking I should try a few courses from Animschool, iAnimate, Animation Mentor. I can't afford the whole 1.5 yr average of most of them. Got some tutorials from Udemy to start out with in Maya. Will AI ruin 3D? I hate this so much I really liked doing 2D and it's so over.

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No, same problem with 3D artist. Corporate is running on skeleton crew with overwork VFX people. It matters not if you are blender or Cinema 4D, Corporate America refuses to hire more people to help overworked artists.

Oh and don’t buy anything that says you’re will learn through YouTube or pay for things. Those are scams and often never teach you 3D art. The scam teaches you (insert program) U.I with no help on creating models. These scammers never went to school or follow the 12 principles of animation (they claim it but you see they only use it as a trick to bait people).

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>The scam teaches you (insert program) U.I with no help on creating models
I'm a hobbyist and I've always had this problem. Courses have little to no information that carries between programs even though 3D is built on certain universal principles.

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I'd search animation mentor. I know a few coworkers back in the day went through their programs to get better at animating for 3d. Honestly, I spend time learning something completely different outside of the industry for the time being. Rates are lowering across the board in the united states. My rate was 60 but now I'm getting asked to do jobs for 40, I'll agree and still not get the gig. Video games had layoffs but their is still a decent amount of opportunity in that industry. I'd focus on animating for games dont bother with film/tv for the next year or two.

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The problem with Indians is that all of their shit is jank. Same reason something made in China costs 4 cents and the same something made with pure freedom is $100 (minimum).

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>Keep this shit a hobby
that's everything creative with the rise of ai