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Why does his VFX feel so cheap, lads?


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Looks normal

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pretty good job for a hobbyist generalist
god I kind of want to go back to comping with nuke, loved the node based workflow

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the whole room needs to be cyberpunkish including lighting

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Not really, he cheaps out on lightning, neckskin is unnecessary and blur the back of his head. Which is just a 10 seconds clip. This guy has no clue what he’s doing, i can make a longer video with action scenes for the actors and fans to see the whole gadget (I don’t know what that thing should be).

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>pretty good job for a hobbyist generalist
he's not a hobbyist, nor a generalist

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This is fine.
There's things you could do to bring it up, better lighting, some makeup/prosthetics to ease the transition between the real and CG elements.
Probably what he should have done at least is draw a line on his neck so he had a good reference point for the roto, because that looks a bit off to me.
But overall this is good imo. I've seen far worse in marvel movies.

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I don't understand. Who will watch this knowing that AI will make this without effort soon enough?

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I don't understand. Who will post/read this knowing that AI will post/read this without effort soon enough?

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>using blender

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>Two more weeks bro!

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>dude couldn't even be assed to take his fucking glasses off so they're just clipping underneath his "cybernetics"
Fuckin lazy.