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what a brave systa 3d xirs
blendlets won

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Do you have a problem with non binary and trans people

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First of all, you're a chud and second, if you're looking for really rare pokemens you should check out the ZBrush community.

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well at least we all do donuts instead of eclairs, if you know what i mean

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Every western company has at least one mandated one. At least this one is functional and does a good job.

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Was about time Blendlets joined the party.
Unreal Engine sisters represent.

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what about autodesk?

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I don't want to hate on the guy and I have no opinion about him being competent or not. All I'm saying is... Today they're making a documentary about you that'll remain permanently on the internet. Can't you dress properly for just one day? Can't you at least pretend not to be a weirdo?

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Most of them do it BECAUSE they felt attention-deprived all their lives. That's why they usually want to stand out as much as possible. That's also why so many of them are artists, it just clicks together very well.

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Ok whatever but his acompañamiento psicologico status is not my business. I don't want to know about it.

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>fighting games
what is it about these hobbies/professions that makes them so potent at not only attracting troons, but creating them as well

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Outlets for OCD attract trannies

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lack of sunlight

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Sunlight is useless without the melanin to absorb it and turn it into positive thoughts. Some people have lost this natural ability.

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wth is a troon? This is the second time I've seen it on /3/.

How come all these people who seem very against the letters-people all seem to know these weird labels and sub-genres of their stuffs.
I think ya'll closeted, just start wearing high heels or some shit and stop being so angry.

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>You know the word troon you must be a closet transgender
I'm sure that you know the word retarded then

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I'm not against anybody but I prefer the Blender channel to be about the software, instead I feel like I'm reading the Kiwifarms.

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To know it is one thing, to use it is another, too keep track of what trans people do a third. To post a thread about it a 4th.
You're clearly obsessed with these people and engaging in a pattern where you're assimilating knowledge on them and talking about them.

~100% of the english speaking world understands 'retarded' dear 88 poster, who outside gender-circles know what a 'troon' is.
I thought it was related to some fat youtuber from a decade ago til I saw it a second time.

That implies you read whatever the Kiwifarm is/was, all I know is that name was somehow infamous at some point in the past.
The media you end up consuming does say something about who you are, so does the things you get hung up on.
Even if you legitimately can state how trans people are a real problem they'd still just be one of the ~999 major problems in this world you could've gotten hung up on instead.

It doesn't happen by accident that you sit down and start consuming tomes of gender BS. Either you are into it or the people you hang out with are.
He hates the loudest that was a wannabe who turned never was, I point at you and tell you if you're not the closet case then someone next to you are.

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>>979399 is right you know.

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Do you remember John Hutchinson from the early 2000? He's the discoverer of the Hutchinson effect which is a phenomena that causes spoons to fuse with toilets and watermelons to levitate, among other things. Well, this is him today:
I don't want to make it into a love/hate or morality thing but I'm concerned about the acompañamiento psicologico status of people in general.

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Well if you think looking like a gal when you're a dude is such a warning flag isn't it a good thing how these people let you in on the secret from a mile away?

Wouldn't it be worse if they concealed it and here you'd think you have a normal coworker and then one day you overhear your guy inside the toilet booth using his peen
as a radiotransmitter to communicate with spirits on a passing asteroid or some shit?

I'm not saying a lot of trance folk are super psycho and fuse levitating watermelons with toilets and what not but let's imagine you're right and they're all that clinically insane.
Given that premise isn't them flagging it so publicly a good thing then?

I mean if they're lunatics it's not the dresscode that made them bonkers is it? That would just be a symptom of something that was already present.
At least now they're signaling how much of a wide berth you should give to not get entangled.

>I'm concerned about the acompañamiento psicologico status of people in general.

True, there are a lot of concerning psychologies out there but I personally never had to look over my shoulder for any woman or someone pretending to be one.
Every single time me and my friends been jumped, robbed or stabbed it was never by someone embracing their feminine side or opting for such aesthetics.

The trannies are just so harmless and benign even if the premise they're crazy was to be taken as truth.
It's then like you're in a forest of crazy and here you are raging at this particular little sapling.

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My point is that from my experience, people who obsess too much about the same thing for a long time, somehow, in 2024, are at risk of "trooning out". Why and how that happens I don't know but the current state of the media industry suggests to me that people who work with computers especially should take care of themselves a little better.

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Hey anon if you are into all of that I have bad news for you, you closeted tranny

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>100% of the english speaking world understands 'retarded' dear 88 poster,
That would be a great if we were in the real world, speaking with normal people, but to take the context of were we are is disingenuous, I have to remind you that this is 4chan? To be wired out about board culture on a board it's retarded at best or a deceptive argument at worst.
Don't worry anon I don't think that you are a sophist, I think that you are retarded

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>I don't think that you are a sophist, I think that you are retarded

I'm a autodidact polymath with an IQ of 142. Socrates said 'To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.'
People who know me would tell you I'd be the first one to admit I'm pretty retarded.

Checkmate anon I countered your argument thru verification, that was some 4D-chess shit and you have to view me as a sophist now.
For how could I have crafted such an argument if I didn't posses the blinding ingenuity of a true shitpost-poet?

You can call me pseud but would a 'pseud' really be able to craft this post? Yeah that's right anon, you don't believe that either
you recognize the fearsome intelligence looming behind the retarded text that just entered your skull straight thru your eyeballs.

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They all are nerd hobbies and nerds are the most likely to get brainwashed into becoming troons. Partly due to lack of being socially secure and partly because of autism

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I think you won, It will be difficult to argue with that.
But I will try ...
>'To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.'
>People who know me would tell you I'd be the first one to admit I'm pretty retarded.
It's wise of you to admit that your post are retarded, I can't argue with that.
But your argument proves half of my point, and I quote >Don't worry anon I don't think that you are a sophist, I think that you are retarded.
Now I know that you are both.

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>Now I know that you are both.

I'm cool with that. Thanks anon, I would tip my fedora if I had one but I've always been a baseball cap kinda guy so I'll tip that one in it's place.

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You don't need to tip anything. But it was a pleasure to help you knowing yourself better.
Now when you are older and wiser you can tell that story to your grandchildren.