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Is it possible to sculpt ths in Blender? Why or why not?

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>Is it possible to sculpt ths in Blender
Wdym, it just is

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Look at the polygons, it seems far too high for blender to EVER be able to handle compared to the superior pixol in Zbrush

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Not at all, this is a one solid piece except the teeth, blender can easily handle that with multires

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Also this looks like it was sculpted in blender judging by those pretty bad scrape tool marks all over the sculpt ngl

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Nvm it is zbrush, that was that person's first skull sculpt so the scrape marks are not a huge deal

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>that was that person's first skull sculpt
I have a bridge I can sell you

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If you mean to tell me about industry veterans then I don't really care about that type of autism

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You'd need a more powerful computer than doing it in Zbrush but yeah.

Blenders sculpting tools are great but they start to lose interactive framerates a ~magnitude before Zbrush. When I tried blender at home on my old rig it started becoming too slow to operate well after about a million polygons, Zbrush would still run smooth with 10 million + due to the magic of it's 2.5D canvas.

On my old rig blender would've been perfectly sufficient to do all the major shapes and larger details, but all the rivets and seams would've been too high res.

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You absolutely can(*) but you see how sharp those details are? For sculpting that level of detail in such a large scale you'd need Zbrush for.

*To get "close" to this you'd need to at some point switch to displacement map detailing in Blender.
Basically you get the rough to medium detail sculpted in Blender and then do all those fine details in displacement/bump maps. If you tried to actually do those details IN real GEOMETRY and not over a map you'd just want to kill yourself at some point, it's not fun.

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Please stop giving advice, you don't know anything about sculpting

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not him, but he has a point you know. Blender cant handle real geo like that.

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He's correct tho

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Please stop giving advice, you don't know anything about sculpting

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copy pasting isn't making you appear any more knowledgeable

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And that's a good thing.

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the scrape tool makes these sharp edges exactly as shown in the picture. I just tried scultpting this with blender, and although I absolutely lack the talent to get anywhere near as good a result, my fps were always above 100 with over 11 million polys, which I believe to be enough to sculpt this

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>scrape tool
shiggy diggy

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>my fps were always above 100 with over 11 million polys

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okay if I use a smooth tool the size of half the sculpt, the performance drops, but when working on details ~1/8 the size of the model, it feels just as performant as a low poly sculpt. Pretty sure the FPS is capped at my screen's 100hz.

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prove you have what it takes and arent just one in 10 billion blendlets talking like they can equal industry software but in reality have no output whatsoever, coward!!

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I'm a programmer, I use blender for fun only, so I don't have to prove anything. I just wanted to give my two cents that blender would be able to handle such a sculpt, though I'm not a sculptor.
Anyway here's something for you to shit on, I know it's not good, but it's my second face sculpt and I'm somewhat proud of it

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thats like 200k poly at most idiot

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oh you wanted the deformed cube I used to test the tool? I quit the sculpt without saving because as I already said, I don't have the talent to do this but blender should be able to handle it. Anyway here's a quick 'sculpt' I made just now

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yeah, you dont have any talent at all. You are vr sculpt schizo all over again

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I answered OPs question - yes it is possible.
Can I do it? No, and never have I claimed to be able to. What the fuck is your point? That you can't comprehend a sentence with more than 5 words?

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Why would you sculpt something that should be mesh modeled?

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Why does the average user on this board want to dismiss zbrush, saying its useless when we all know that blender is not an alternative?

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Maybe they've used zbrush and found it to be bad to use. Sure it's the best performance wise and it has great features, but the ui is made by and for psychopaths

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if you cant figure out zbrush ui in 1 day you have no business doing cgi

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Cool opinion! Show your work

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pic related after 1 day of zbrush, 2021

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I did, it's just dogshit

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Barely any details, you could make that in blender lol, try better next time

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its apparently from 2009, I have 0 doubt there were people back then just moving over to sculpting with a massive physical sculpting skill set. the olds if it are low sure, but I don't doubt it.

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blender is good to about 20 million polies, then it's fairly unworkable

blender fired the person who knew what they were doing with sculpting because the blender foundation is fundamentally fucking incompetent, we had someone who could get 10 million pollies feel like you were working with 100k, and the people managing him had no fucking idea what he was doing so they never allowed his code to be used.

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because z brush is shit you put up with when you have to use it. its software that is easier to use if you have never used a computer before in your life because its fundamentally doing shit in ways no other program do making it a bitch to transition to.

ANYTHING else is better if you dont require the detail that zbrush allows. personal preference, and because I would never be in a position to require zbrush, I would rather just use 3dcoat if bender was not enough. but at least for my wants, 10 million is more than enough, so I can mostly stay in blender, if I want more detail I would rather paint it on then sculpt it.

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My guess is the horrible interface and the fact that blender is viable, just not for something as detailed in the sculpt itself like Op's piece.

You can still make something in that art style in blender and have it look pretty much the same just that you'd have to assemble the detail normal map for your lowres geometry differently. Personally I dislike those detail everywhere type styles since the UT 2003 days when they where all the rage. You can sculpt pretty much anything that uses a more normal level of geometry in blender without a hitch.

I sculpt something substantial maybe once every 6 months and spend most of my time modelling and scripting animation systems,
I used to be a Zbrush user but when there are that long time between substantial sessions I always had to re-familiarize myself with the alien interface
and go thru the grief of how ass backwards it was that I found myself just using mudbox instead.

My mudbox subscription eventually expired and I've been using blender over zbrush ever since.
What it lacks in capacity it makes up for in being conventional to pick up and use since it's layed out like any normal software.

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>if I want more detail I would rather paint it on then sculpt it.

My man.

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>My mudbox subscription eventually expired and I've been using blender over zbrush ever since.
post your work, coward!!

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Here's something I posted to this very board 12 years ago, back then I was still using mudbox.

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I mostly do realtime character stuff, like building the skeleton and optimizing deformations for models for things like that.
95% of time spent on my projects goes to optimizing models for animation, when I get to sculpt something like making bespoke normal maps for a character
like that making that sculpt takes a day or two. Black marks visible in the picture is the ray-miss where the projection cage missed to write the normals of my sculpt onto the rigged geometry.

Like I'm a rigger 1st, modeller 2nd, texture artist 3rd, script guy 4th, general tasks ~5th so being a sculptor is maybe my ~6th role, usually someone else get to do the sculpts.

If sculpting was all I did I would be a Zbrush guy but it's a small part of what I do so I don't care about what it can do on the high end.
I wanted that model up there to have like skinfolds wrinkles and veins etc I'd just make that in displacement maps and convert it to normals and
combine the normal maps. Same with Ops Unreal Tournament looking skull head, I'd provide the details via texture normals and combine the maps.

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no, it's impossible for a belnder user to exercise this much restraint. a blender model would have 100x more decals.

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Do you autists do anything besides bicker over software?
You can make that in blender, it's fine. That also doesn't need to be a 20 million poly sculpt, particularly since the jaw, dome, and neck might be separate pieces.
You can also work with a lower framerate if you have to, that's also fine and doesn't prevent you from working.
Would I do that in blender? Fuck no, I pirate zbrush.

It's Furio Tedeschi who is incredibly goated, but he says it's his first hard surface skull. I'm sure he did organic stuff before this lol. If I believed for a second he made that the first time opening a sculpting program I'd rope myself before I had time to post this reply.

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I have always liked the look of 3d models that infer detail though their texturing rather than using advanced shaders or heavy poly counts, it would probably be different if I made something for a game/multiple lighting conditions, but given anything I do is one off for the pose, texture painting tends to get good results.

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also imagine that when he says hard surface sculpt, its probably not also including learning the program exercises, this was his first 'i know how to get there so lets get there' thing.

like I said, I have little doubt people went into digital sculpting with an immense skill sets from traditional, with less of the limitations of traditional.

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He'd already been working in the industry long before he made that sculpt.

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>Personally I dislike those detail everywhere type styles since the UT 2003 days when they where all the rage.

functional detail, take clockwork/steampunk styles, so fucking much of that crap just decides upper class 1850's clothing with a gear here or there and done, or irl a steampunk pen just has 5 gears glued to it rather than looking interesting

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>but he says it's his first hard surface skull
Yes anon that is what I said
>If I believed for a second he made that the first time opening a sculpting program
You pretended that I made that point and got angry at it like a typical sperg

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you're crazy, man. He was already in the industry for years.

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Wtf are you talking about goofy weirdo

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You okay man?
You said it was his first skull, which it wasn't. It was his first hard surface skull, which is a different thing.
And I didn't get mad at you, just clarifying and making conversation. Take it easy, brother.

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I think that lots of people want to deprecate zbrush, but the fact is that its our best option at this point

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A lot of people want to rename the canvas in photoshop into a 'tool' and have the brushes be re-labled as 'objects'. To paint a tool with and object you then have to create a custom shelf called the 'stack' where you place can your objects in drawers, you can group these drawers into a 'locker' which then makes them optable, not from your 'drop-down menu' but from the 'drag-sideways listings' which isn't located on the 'toolbar' but in one of the nine 'objects lounges', and ofc there is nothing wrong with any of this convention because if you don't like it you can just customize your drawer stack lockers just the way you want them to be.

At least a lot of people like that must exist because still to this day there are Zbrush users who will defend what pixol is doing.

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pixol doesnt pull the strings anymore. Its all maxon. The application is a shell of itself and frankly too big to fail, but there have been no good updates for years now.

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>to unselectze object you ofc hold down the alt+shit+tilde keys and rotate ze mouse counterclockwise five times, RTFM

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You're completely right, but I've learned how to use it now, so I don't care.

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stockholm syndrome

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It would be practical to start off in Blender and add the final details in Zbrush.

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why would that be practical?

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It sounds like I was advocating that as a superior workflow, but the point was that you should at the very least use ZBrush for the finder details, because it can handle higher polycounts and it has sculpting layers. My suggestion assumes that OP wants to use Blender to sculpt it, most likely due to being accustomed to it.