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I'm working with some ancient shit here and need advice. I've created a map via an application called Trenchbroom, which allows you to texture your environment, as seen below. I then exported the map to an OBJ and MTL file. However, I gotta convert the map to an X file, which I've done through Wings3D. But texturing is a bitch - I need a UV map. I can only load in one PNG per object in the game engine (it's old as fuck). I tried doing it in Wings3D, but each brush had its own window pop up, and it crashed my computer. Should I just texture in Blender? Will it create an automatic UV map or something? Help me through this and i'll send you lots of prayers, I hate this shit

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One PNG per object? Sounds gay.

UV mapping is super easy in blender, just look at some 2 min tutorial and you are set. The MTL file has the UV in it and all the other PBR shit but obviously you are using some ancient grandpa aah engine for dementia patients with no PBR so figure out the rest on your own.

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Yeah dude. Let's watch 2 minutes tutorial on youtube and then work for 10 years to manually UV unwrap every single pebble in our scene. That'll teach those old people how WE do things. Yeah.

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Maybe you should not use Source Filmmaker and actually learn common 3D software that aren’t outdated or abandoned.