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take pictures with your iphone

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One option is AI of course. Although I just asked for brick building texture it snuck a screamer in there.

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Looks like shit. And this is coming from someone who actually "likes" AI for certain tasks.
AI has a use, but I don't think it's a good replacement for photo textures. The benefit of photo textures is that it actually exists, it's a real tangible place that you're sourcing it from. Not in any kind of retarded "SOVL" way, but like a place and object that has realistic wear and stuff because it's a real place/object that people have interacted with. I think that AI can definitely approximate that sort of thing, but I don't think it's particularly good at really nailing down that "lived-in" kind of look that photo textures have.
It's really fucking hard to say what I mean without it coming off as philosophical bullshit, but that's definitely not what I'm trying to get at. Hopefully you do pick up what I'm tryna put down, my brotha.

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they may of removed free credits but you still CAN grab images (albeit the base resolution) from the page.
I just tried it out, I use a chrome extension to list every image on a page and then extracted that image automatically. Turned out to be HIGHER resolution than the lowest resolution you can go, so dont know how the 'hover to expand' system works, but I get a better image than if you were to buy and download...

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that actually sounds really handy
do you mind sharing what extension you used?

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for environment? unironically google maps street view. yeah the quality aint exactly HD but at least its 360 degrees and you have multiple point of view for reference. it is as "real life" environment as its gets. perhaps you can cleanup and upscale with AI and even take a few shots and do photogrammetry

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Sorry I didn't get notification for some reason.
The chrome extention seems to be removed from the store, but I looked up some alternatives:
Display Image List:

Seems good

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Not an answer and that looks like shit.