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it's official...CGI/VFX artists are obsolete, redundant, wasteful even.

i already submitted my resignation letter and you should too.

screencap this thread.

see you, space cowboy..

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It's literally just noise. I continue to make 3d and 2d works traditionally because it entertains me, just like playing a sport entertains you and is good for your health versus spectating a sport on television played by others. Do you understand

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Have you ever heard anyone discussing AI generated works based on their merit itself and outside the context of "woah look how far this tech is progressing its over"?

Does anyone ever compare or rank their favorite AI generated works or discuss their favorite prompters, or eagerly wait to see when their next great work will drop, following whatever previews and progress updates they can find, forming communities around mutual excitement about a particular work or series? Outside of speculating and debating about sociopolitical implications and copyright law does any person in the entire world give a fuck about any AI generated piece of art at all?

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>i already submitted my resignation letter
>implying you were EVER employed.
You're just looking for ANY reason to quit, and you're using AI as a boogeyman for that purpose. You're a joke and everyone thinks so.

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This looks so much worse than the demo videos made by in house prompters (I'm still convinced those were at least partially unreal engine). So much for all the doomers sperging about court evidence being obsolete.
The endgame of AI "art" is not to actually replace the jobs at the big studios. It's total skinner-boxification of media to the point that you don't actually go looking for creative media made by people. You just turn on your slop-player and get totally catered garbage generated by LLMs indefinitely. DALLEfags and SDfags are all friendless obese dysgenics who just want to consoom. They're not even trying to pass themselves off as artists for the most part.

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good luck copyrighting whatever you're creating with this copy paste machine

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i think there's a bit of cope going on itt
the results are pretty impressive
the interesting thing is because it's just trained on video a lot of the results look videoreal
more than i expected t bh like the weird animals etc. just very grounded looking images. the animals look disgusting, but not because they're in some uncanny valley but more because they look ungodly.

at their best, the non-background digital humans look better than any cg digi-double ever - just completely convincing
the mundane stuff looks better than any 'invisible' vfx
the more obvious effecty stuff looks garbage though

there's obvious holes and controllability is entirely unknown, but that will come with time

the copyright cope peddled by clowns like reid southern won't matter in a few years. disney et al won't come to save you. they see a way to reduce their salary expenses by over 50%.

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disney is going bankrupt

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Not too difficult, there are 3 main ways you can do it
1. Simply claim you made it yourself, 95% of copyright office employees won't know any better
2. Copyright it in any country other than USA
3. Apply any manual change to it

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yeah bro, fuck copyright! Steal 100% then change one pixel! Yeah bro!

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You really think that they are putting billions into this for it not to be able to be copyrighted? kek cope, it's over accept it

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Sam's goal is FTL travel, not copyright

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Not possible, even AI can't break the laws of physics for us

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>Not possible

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This unironically, however I'd prefer not to change that pixel

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This is easily the least impressive video made with Sora. It's as immediately obvious it's AI generated as DALLE 3 images. There are some videos made with Sora that look very real. This isn't one of them, not for a single frame and the movement is terrible for every shot.

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This is a fundamental misunderstanding. You can omit any copyright work to ever be allowed to go into these machines and all you did was slow down this development with a speed bump. They can label information in images themselves now and create unlimited amount of training data that is free of use, like driving a bunch of google cars thru our cities and filming every spot of the planet.

You can't make any of this go away via appeals to copyright as fundamentally these systems now exist and can be trained on anything.

You gotta copyright looking at objects in the physical world if you want to stop them now.

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Like look at that whale/octopus, you gonna copyright looking at whales and octopussies?

Thing looks scarier than any movie monster I've ever seen by any artist because it manages to convince me I'm looking at something
that would look and move exactly like those pixels on the screen if it actually existed.

Did they train by looking at copyrighted nature documentaries? Ofc they did. Would they've eventually been able to do the same looking at a bunch of wildlife
as filmed by droneswarms etc. Yeah, they would.

You're never gonna stop any this thru copyright, it's a technological development that exist independent of the source of the training data.

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>luddites itt
lol LMAO

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you are blind

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>You can't make any of this go away via appeals to copyright as fundamentally these systems now exist and can be trained on anything.
and yet the NYT case hasnt even come to its conclusion. What's your angle, again?

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>NYT case hasnt even come to its conclusion

Realization about the tech that underpin this. Outcome of the NYT case is irrelevant except in the margins.
The fact that we know how to build minds that can conduct these type of tasks doesn't go away due to copyright.

A system that can behold the visual field and categorize elements in images based on what's present in them has been realized.
If you try to hamstring this system by regulating what it is allowed to view by requesting machines don't look at anything that exist on the public internet
you need to invent laws that doesn't exist as of yet, but even if you do you've just succeeded in snatching the advantage from OpenAI and handed it to google.

Google already owns youtube and google earth and webcrawlers that have aggregated data on who knows what and already have all the training data they need.
You've forced other companies in the AI space to play catch up filming the whole world, a task that is already achieved for the competitor
who now owns the public internet as it exist.

So if you pop champagne if the NYT lawsuit goes thru and succeeds in dealing crippling damage to OpenAI all you celebrate
is how you snatched the lightsaber from Luke Skywalker and handed it to Darth Vader. That's my angle.

Overall the genie is out of the bottle, question now is who's bidding it will ultimately perform.

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We're navigating the 4th industrial revolution and people still think this is about summarizing news articles and generate pretty pictures that are amusing to look at.

Like as an artist looking into my own little box I see things that kinda suck for me right now, but I raise my head and look at what is in all the other boxes
for people around me and where this is trending I have a perspective that is disconnected to how I feel about my own situation in this as of this hour.

It's sorta like m fellow artists want me to be all riled up over how someone broke into my home and took pictures of my paintings
while I can spot an approaching Godzilla who's about to stomp it's way thru my entire town.

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>weekly it's over thread turns into a political/philosophical discourse

>cris threads turns into a paranormal/occult circlejerk

/3/ as a board no longer exists

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you're insane, the NYT case is pivotal to the future of all industries

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>political/philosophical discourse

Dunno if I would characterize it that way anon. It's more like a elephant just walked into our building and took a big shit on the floor.
And people are like "Is that a huge fucking pile of elephant dung on the floor?" and some people are like "yep."
while others go like "don't worry about it, the rain will wash it away".

Just as they said that you hear like the blowing of a trunk and a huge mammoth walks in and have explosive diarrhea all over the floor and people be like:
"omg we're up to our neck in shit our whole occupation is sinking isn't it?" and some be like "yep." and other go like "moar hype, wain will wash it away".

Then someone goes like "look! it's one of them Lord-of-the-Ring trunked beasts whatever-the-fuck about to walk into this room!"
and some are like "IS THAT a buttplug made of MITHRIL because it's been SAVING up 4 DAYS??" others be like "SNOOZEOR! just MOAR HYPE, the rain will wash it away"

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are you that same troll from last thread ? Yes or no?

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All this is to say it's just hard for people not to talk about the elephant in the room.

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Who? Link post example and I could answer. I don't consider myself a troll tho, I'm sincere.
I only deflect with oliphant's and shit to lighten my own mood because of how heavy this topic weight on my shoulders anon.

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there is no elephant. Some "people" stole from literally everybody, stripped all licenses, and said "fuck it, we''ll try to take all jobs too so no one will earn any money since we're definetely not handing any out"

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>there is no elephant

What Op just posted amounts to a huge fucking elephant by the best analysis I can offer myself.

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its random noise from stolen data

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What part of that looks random to you anon? Those are sequences of images that doesn't exist anywhere that show novel things that also moves physically and temporally coherent.
You can't piece that together by referencing any dataset you have to construct them from an understanding of the thing you've been tasked to provide.

If I look at film and go home and paint some variation of what I saw in that film based on memory constructs retaining my impression of what I saw
is that not also just 'random noise from stolen data'? What do you actually mean when you state terms like 'random noise' and 'stolen'?

How is the thing we're witnessing here random noise? And from who and how is it you consider it to be stolen?

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everything. Its pathetic. Stop posting

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Sorry anon that one word doesn't say anything to me about the context I inquired. I have no clue what you mean by this.

>Its pathetic. Stop posting
Why are you even talking to people unless you want them to type at you? Have you considered how you can stop making statements at me if you don't want to see me posting?

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Prob from some internet echo-chamber, only wishes to see talking points iterated that he already holds himself.
Divergent opinions annoys him, especially when they make sense, causes cognitive dissonance and he doesn't like that one bit.

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there is no "opinion", there is just tech bro nonsense non-opinions. Begone!

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Notice the emerging pattern here? There is 'no elephant in the room' and now people who disagree with you hold 'non-opinions'.
It seems like you're in a habit of pretending things you dislike doesn't exist.

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stop trolling about AI and post /3dcg/ work. Go back to /g/ or else!

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even /g/ had been demanding a separate AI board for a while now because of all the elephant shittings

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the balloon head VFX short is kinda kino, but a little bit faggy and never as SOVL kino as this

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begone with your theft! Go to /lit/ with your prompts for all I care!

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Why has everyone seemingly collectively decided that generative tools can never be used to make content with adult themes? Nobody bats an eye when they release a new texas chainsaw massacre movie but somehow if sora generates some violent imagery instead of it being painstakingly crafted through practical or VFX it's "unsafe"

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almost all human societies across the world have problems with violent and sexual imagery (have to give warnings and ratings in order to sell or distribute (PG rated, PG-13 rated, R rated, M rated, X rated, XXX rated)

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would you really wanna arm every edgelord with something that could make highly realistic loliskinner type depravity on the fly?

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As always the thread is 90%+ COPE.
From whom, you ask? Blender-fags, predictably.
This stopped being funny long ago, now it's just SAD!

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is this a bad thing? patreon and gumroad are cracking down on degeneracy, and individual states are limiting it as well. our brains are too fucking fried. even more so when people inevitably figure out how to make porn and snuff vids with ai. you can cope all you want, but we were NOT designed to witness the sheer volume of violent and sexual shit that we do in this day and age. the best possible case scenario is for local govs to inhibit its distribution because its gonna be almost impossible to stop someone from doing it on their own if they have powerful enough machinery. something about weak men and bad times, idk.

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Also, thank god you submitted your ''resignation letter'', it clears up the space from fucking retards that do nothing but spread panic about new technologies.


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>Marketing/Advertising material can now be generated with minimal effort

Doing a job nobody wants to do. Nobody goes into cg wanting to make commercials for Coke, or Grubhub. The Slop-o-matic will be used to create ads everyone will skip/block.

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They only have models based on free footage. Youtube b-roll, stock footage. It reeks of it, and it will never be of use.

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And what exactly is it you think will happen when a company like Google or Disney that own endless amount of curated high quality imagery catch up or obtain this tech?

If your cope is that it'll 'never be of use' your definition of 'never' is a year or two.
I'm not psyched that this exist either, but it does. We should see this for what it is and not pretend like isn't there.

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They'll never use their own products, because then they can't sell the real stuff.

If anything, it will be used for cartoons to brainrot children even further.

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I don't know which Berenstein dimension you arrived from but in this one adults with bearded faces and fully formed boobs enthusiastically watch computer generated cartoons.
Stuff like the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' and them ~50 Star Wars spinoff's and that not are the highest grossing franchises of all time.
You'll find swol gym-bros who ride crotchrockets and bone all them hot chicks who straight faced will tell you how 'Dark Knight' is the best film ever.

Ours is a species where most of us wont grow out of our mental diapers before it's time to hit the grave anon.
Our brainrot predates the advent of AI by decades.

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this changes everything
it's truly over, for real this time, it's so over, I mean it.

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mfw it's over

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>Stuff like the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' and them ~50 Star Wars spinoff's and that not are the highest grossing franchises of all time.
>You'll find swol gym-bros who ride crotchrockets and bone all them hot chicks who straight faced will tell you how 'Dark Knight' is the best film ever.
nobody watches that shit anymore

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>nobody watches that shit anymore

Yeah, but not because of how they grew wiser, but because of how now they're on tiktok having their minds deep-fried by even worse shit
and no longer operate the kind of attention span that supports spectating something that goes on for minutes and minutes.

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tiktok is getting banned in the USA

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Isn't it just being forced to be sold off to American companies to become domestically run doing the same thing it does?
Legislation is legitimized over fear for what the CCP are doing with the aggregated data of a lot of US citizens they have access to, not them brain-rot aspects.

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>Isn't it just being forced to be sold off to American companies to become domestically run doing the same thing it does?

no, the option is to either sell it or ban it. They wont sell it. They dont need the money. Its already banned in other countries

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No it's not.

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see >>978965

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skip to 7:13 if you have no dopamine