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I Suddenly can get autocad working on my machine, I used it mostly for college station stuff and now I was practicing again because is needed a lot in my field. The student version ain't working, neither the pirate installer that I got.
Is fusion360 a good alternative ? At least is close enough to do the same exact stuff? I'm looking it more for 3d modelling like pieces design

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It's alright and you can use it for free

It has a lot of frustrating areas where it's clear that Autodesk just clipped of features to push users towards AutoCAD but it's enough to get modelling jobs done.

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I use Inventor, its pretty easy. Not free unfortunately, student license is available though. Not sure the benefits of Fusion over Inventor outside of animation, rendering or concept design.. heard people prefer it but I tried it and seemed amateurish in comparison. If you are wanting to do those types of things go fusion but if its more technical type design with complex assemblies and moving parts then into technical drawings I would go Inventor.