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Dunning–Kruger effect: the board

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Dunning kruger is the opposite of true

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What post's display the Dunning Kruger effect according to you Op?

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It's really stupid to see how many of the typical 4chan brain rot tropes you'll find on this board. Even the simple concept of how it matters more what you create then what tools you use to create said thing (provided you're not using caveman technology that causes you to drown in inefficiency) is lost upon most users.

This obsession with "making it" is also only found in this echo chamber. They would have kids and teenagers be put in experimentation hell if they had their way until they reached their 20's and still stuck at the hobbyist stage with their training incomplete however comfortable they might be on a general level.

The real trick is that you will not necessarily "switch" to this or that software and then have it be some silver bullet for your wage slaving prospects, but you will have to learn and leverage all of them for your advantage. Each is just a tool for your tool chest.

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what point are you trying to make ?

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post your work, coward!!

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>Dunning–Kruger effect
You know that was based on one experiment that involved like a dozen participants? Biggest load of dogshit since the slippery slope being called a fallacy.