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/agdg/ told me i'll find an artist for making a game here. i'm good at c++ and unreal. but i'm also good at unity/c#. i know how to program pathfinding, inventory systems, how to save games, ui's etc.
the thing is, i got no job, i'm 30 yo, i'm perma neet, but i like programming, i could basically program all day. i need an equivalent of this, but an artist who's like that. someone who could draw all day when he has a clear goal.
i don't want to make lewd games or other weird type of games. other than that i'm open for everything.
since i really have 0 hopes to find anybody, i'd at least appreciate if you guys could tell me if finding someone like that is even possible.
also if you post the generic ironic/sarcastic 4chan reply i'll just ignore you, so decide for yourself if you want me to read your post or not. you wont get a reply for it that's for sure.