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>they found out
I was careful. So so careful. I guess it's time to say goodbye to Adobe and learn another software.

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I had that pop up, 3 years ago.
Guess what I'm still using without issue.

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>he cant afford $10 a month
what are you even doing, cris

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works on my machine

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whos gonna tell him?

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You can easily make that pop-up go away

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no, you can't. Adobe telemetry is very very good.

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I did it, so you can too

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all you're doing is encouraging people to irreparably mess up their machines when they could instead just pay $10 / mo

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yeah no. you're missing some entries in your host file and/or firewall rule. make sure to follow the offcial monkrus readme and not some random reddit repost.

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>he thinks that once you get this popup you can now "go back" and change hosts / firewall and make it go away

time to pay up

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>pay a subscription software.

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It is the morally just thing to do not to pay for subscription tactics these companie are using. It can be even half a cent per year for all I care, not paying either way.

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Just reinstall the cracked installer. Not hard.

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>It is the morally just thing to do not to pay for subscription tactics these companie are using.

perpetual licenses for forever support and updates are unsustainable. F off

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>forever support and updates are unsustainable.
So sell versions for a reasonable price and maybe an option for discounted upgrade cost? I can skip paying for all the useless versions between useful versions

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>uh chud this is a ILLEGAL PIRATED !!!
Lol,Lmao even, perhaps a LMFAO

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>get a proper crack
never had a unlicensed popup ever.

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Whyd you let it through the firewall? Thats why. Get the app SimpleWall from Henry++ and thats it.