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The only way to truly create retro CGI is by using period accurate hardware and software, anything else is forced soul from coping zoomers.

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Hi, Nicholas. Your work peaked with The Computer.

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Agree with the software, hardware I don't, since the amount of ram it's not going to make a phong shader more phong

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i've been looking for this guys videos forever but could not remember his surname. thank you so much!

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whats your favorite fedorovkino?

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YWNBAW, Nick..

Edit: just check his Twitter, and apparrently he fucking de-transitioned??? holy kek..im not even sure if thats based, or double cringe.

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Did Nick delete his original channel because he trooned out? I thought it was because of Chadtronic.

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He did a full 360 and claims to hate trannies now

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Dude did a stream where he passed out for 2 hours, he's clearly still fucked in the head.

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Nicholas can you reupload Tomokos Depression

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>he's clearly still fucked in the head.
That's pretty obvious from his art.

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>passed out for 2 hours,
just neet things

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What software did Japs use in the 90s to make textures on the PS1? They all look like photoshopped for color reduction or ms paint tier

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I don't know how you do it in photoshop but you can easily achieve this effect in Gimp by going using the posterize filter to mimic the low bit color of PS1 textures and then add dithering to make it look more authentic.

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probably Deluxe Paint on DOS or Alias on SGI/IRIX. i think Square (formerly known as Squaresoft) uses SGI machines

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God SGI is the most soul thing in existence

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you cant run from your sins forever, nicholas.

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QRD? What did this guy actually do?

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He voted for DRUMPF

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the only way to stop shilling your shit on every fucking imageboard is to kys

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Don't listen to this man, he's my favorite pseudo Lolcow and makes based content. Plus his keyboard playing is impeccable

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Software yes. But hardware wise you can just limit your current hardware through underclocking the shit out of everything limiting use to 1 core at 100hz or whatever. Don't think you need to buy a pentium from 20 years ago. What kind of sw issues could arise?

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Fill me in on this guy. I've seen this exact same thread like 2 years ago and the OP was sperging the whole time as well. This supposed to be the "same" guy?

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Yeah, his keyboard improvisation is actually much more impressive than his 3d work imo. He knows quite a lot about harmony.
I insta-followed him after listening to one of his improv sessions

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I don't know if the OP is him, wouldn't be surprised if it was
From what I remember he used to go by Nicholas Fedorov as an older teen, Found him on Encyclopedia Dramatica years ago when he dressed up as a suited 80s commercial guy with California hair holding his formerly favorite waifu superimposed in the image with some retro text, clearly an act for this guy to seek attention caused by likely inner loneliness. He also made a video called "The Computer" way later that got popular by Gen Alphas from some video analyst, but apparently he didn't like the non genuine attention.
He's on twitter under Proxima64 mainly expressing himself with old ass shit, live music, and his anime art.
True, but somehow most of his work contains soul. I'd like him to improve basic anatomy and maybe some perspective for his drawings though

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I wish I could make music like him, there's all these specific techniques and music theory stuff he seems to use and it seems so daunting.

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reject Proxima64 (forced soul)
embrace Cris (actual soul)

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Shut the FUCK up. Kill yourself.

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holy checked
its over. cris won. proxima64 eternally btfo

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