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I'm a violent rapist, what would be a good program for me to learn 3D?

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Probably blender or Maya, both of those communities are fucking cancer and you should fit perfectly

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You could work for autodesk. It violently rapes its customers.

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>I'm a violent rapist
I recommend any Maxon products then

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For a long time I assumed Blender had the worst community of any other software but that's because I hadn't seen the ZBrush people.
In the Blender community you may occasionally meet a straight person. In the ZBrush community such a thing just doesn't happen.

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I don't use Zbrush but I find it amusing in an interview that they kept recommending Zbrush because it's supposed to be standard in their workflow and then I see their sample works which was fucking shit and barely utilized it's actual useful features.

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>I'm a violent rapist
Then blender is for you, and its open source

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The only relatively sane person on the blender community is Andrew Price, and that's stretching the definition of sane. I'm a blender user btw

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Anything but 3d coat, they don't like your kind