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I want one of you to show me how to make low poly model like this. Please show me. Please, please. Please. I want someone to stream and show me. Please. Why the fuck do I have to learn on my own. Please show me.

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>like this.
SUre, here you have
Sculpt > lowpoly> bake > paint

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your link doesn't work. Let me guess, it's that dota 2 link that doesn't even apply in this scenario.

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>your link doesn't work.
it works on my machine, try to change the /es/ to en or whatever.

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it works now, yep it's the dota 2 link. You been posting this link for like 3 years now. You post it regardless of context. Regardless of what question is asked.
>h-how do I sculpt?
>*links dota link that doesn't talk about that.
>h-how do I use substance painter?
>*links dota link that doesn't talk about that.

Do you even do 3D?

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lad, that's a tutorial to paint textures on low poly models and that's how it is done usually, do you need a basic tutorial to sculpt stylized characters? Sure, here you have a playlist too, faggot.
this used to be quite popular back in the day too but you have to be more skilled
>You been posting this link for like 3 years now
it has been 6-7 years or so.

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Does he seriously spend 30 hours sculpting that pirate?

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he is working on the model 10% of the time, yes he has better paid courses too but that's free and you learn blocking and other useful shits if you are noob.

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The OP picture does not use sculpt or baking. There's no reason to sculpt a high poly model. Look at the face, look at the outfit. That's not a high poly model baked onto a low poly model. That's hand painted directly. You are retarded if you think someone has to waste 30 hours sculpting for a low poly model like this. Also links you gave are ugly higher poly characters. You clearly don't have much experience doing 3D if you can't see that the OP picture is entirely texture painted.

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You can see all the fake ambient occlusion in the texture of the body, yes it can be painted by hand but it is harder and you have to be more skilled, same shit for the face, it is always easier to sculpt and bake and to texture after instead of try to fake all that by hand
>B-but you noob

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The fake ambient occlusion looks like it was very quickly added with a soft brush. I think you could replicate those results in about five minutes
I also suspect you could get decent results by texturing the low-poly directly in substance painter. Making an entire sculpt+retopo for that level of detail just seems completely unnecessary

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this sub is so fucking disingenuous, one guy is advertising his udemy course that has nothing to do with topic.

It's faster to texture paint the shadow. If you are telling someone to spend 30 hours sculpting just to convert the high poly to low poly. ALL for the sake of shadows, you clearly are either retarded or don't have any experience at all with making a character. The fact that you been linking the dota shit for 6 years, and you didn't even know you could just paint the shadow is depressing.

to think you were the guy who posted a spoonfeed picture, when you literally have dunning kruger. I'm laughing my ass off that I tried asking for advice from people who don't even do 3D. And you clowns are the ones with god complexes.

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>It's faster to texture paint the shadow.
it depdends really
>If you are telling someone to spend 30 hours sculpting just to convert the high poly to low poly.
I've linked both the Captain Delilah, full handpainted, and the dota tutorial, yes i think it is easier to bake first, depending on the polycount you don't even have to sculpt. Are you Cris?

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You're retarded man. I put a picture for reference, there's no situation where baking or high poly sculpting is preferable here. How is 30 hours sculpting then retopo to bake. Easier than 5 minutes of texture painting.

You literally have never touched 3D once in your life. Linking shit from 7 years ago. Alzheimers retard who can only repeat the same things regardless of context.

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>there's no situation where baking is usefull in texturing

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>there's no situation where baking or high poly sculpting is preferable here
Baking AO from 3d information (including painted or noise-driven height/normal details) can give you nice results and it's very easy in Blender. Doesn't require any sculpting, just paint on some bump details (if you want) and bake.
For the style of the OP, it's probably overkill, but for something even slightly less low-fi and stylized it would probably give nicer results.

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tutorials are slow because youre learning. once you understand it, it will take half the time, maybe less.
Be patient.

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>this sub
Go back.

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once you get how modeling works you can just skim through a tutorial in a few seconds

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You liked my thread OP?
Slightly off-topic but does anyone have more models (or textures and images of them) made by shrapnelsoup? He used to frequent this board and I'm sure someone must've saved his stuff.

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Whoa those are some bad tits

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You sound insufferable. Go look up tutorials on YouTube

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he is streaming it, so mostly a lot of teaching/talking, hell I skimmed it, and he was going on about making a playdough finger to have a scorpion attack it to extract poison.

but in skimming... its like holy shit, he is barely using the program to sculpt, at that point he in all honestly would have been better off getting a base model and then moving over to blender or any other poly modeling program rather than trying to poly model in z brush.

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its far FAR easier to sculpt an organic thing and then scale back with a remesh than it is to make it ground up from pollies unless you specifically draw it to be modeled.

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for a model as lowpoly as the one in the op image you definitely do not need to sculpt and remesh and bake etc its very clearly handpainted textures
to remesh it you would be losing so much detail theres literally zero benefit to sculpting and remeshing it all for a baked texture you wont need because op is handpainted
your method would require so much correcting and polymodeling you might as well have just polymodeled it to begin with, massive waste of time

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I just go here
and download a model I like and study it, it's topology, it's textures. No fucking industry big wig is going to teach you how to make texture convey form to keep poly counts down, all they know is pixar shit.

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oh, i'm not saying bake anything, I mean its far easier to shape the body with a sculpt and remesh it, nothing to the level of baking, just enough to get a low poly out of it.especially if you suck or if you are going into it with no model reference images, moving around some 'clay' is far easier than unfucking low poly mesh. then you build up the mesh from the sculpt correctly.

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Learn To DRAW

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Download PS1/N64 model rips and study their topology and texturework

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Shit man low poly like that you can just import a drawing as an image plane and trace the contours with your verts. Easy stuff.

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looks pretty simple to me, and texturing on it would just be dithering & posterization. shadows & highlights are painted in, but there is rimlight and bearly any shadows being cast so its not 100% flat-ly lit.

unironically just try and recreate the model you posted, fuck off this website, and see what you can do with your eyes. get stuck? look it up on youtube

I would recommend picrel for more reference in that type of style but beware, HE is a troon

anybody have an archive of shrapnelsoup's work? seems he deleted everything

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That's more PS2/3DS-tier than PS1.

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What shape are her thighs and arms?

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probs wrong, but close from what i can tell

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Better get in on the ground floor before low poly gooning takes off.

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Show us what you've managed to get on your own.

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Ive been waiting for people to make games like this for a decade now, still pretty much nothing outside of Froggun and Psuedoregalia

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I've seen a couple of this guys works on his tumblr before it disappeared. He usually sculpted the models first in Zbrush before making low poly versions of them.

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>That hand

Look at real low poly from videogames, simple as