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Hi, I recently modeled an object on Blender... As you may have noticed, I modeled from a plane and not a cube, and I end up with a torso that's completely empty on the inside, hollow... Do you know how to fill it completely?

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If you want nice topology, make the cuts and connect what you need to.
If you want it done quick, select all, press f, and enjoy your n-gons

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connect ? You mean ctrl + J ?

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Meshes are always hollow.
When they don't have holes, it's called being manifold. That meaning that for any point, you can definitely say whether it's inside or outside the mesh.

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Welcome to cgi.
I remember being surprised that 3d models are just surfaces when I was about 7.
You could either look into voxels or just accept what it is.

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Even voxels are usually converted into hollow meshes before rendering