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What happened to shrapnelsoup? He used to post here years ago. Also went by the names: walou, waloumi, matthiasveratoro.

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Noriko Takaya from Gunbuster.

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Posted in this thread too: >>>/v/666707736

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Dark Souls.

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Cortex Command.

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Dunno what this shit's supposed to be. The dog from Silent Hill?

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http://shrapnelsoup.tumblr.com/ (deleted)

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he probably got a life and realized he shouldn't be associated with this shit site

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I agree, that does seem to be the case; another anon said the same here:

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I want to learn to paint like that, what do I need to do?

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Is this shadeless? How do I make it look like that in a video game? Do I just make the model shadeless. how come you assholes won't show me how to make this.

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It looks like it probably is shadeless, yeah.
If you're so motivated, just go figure out how to make what you want. You can do it without a step by step tutorial holding your hand the whole way

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Thanks for the advice anon.

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He got tv industry jobs, then got addicted to porn, then stopped because porn is bad.
I think he still just works on some TV show or something, just surviving day by day. Doing okay, I'd imagine.

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Fuck off. You don't need to bump on /3/. This thread hadn't even left the 1st page. You could ignore posting in this thread for months, and it'd be on page 3 at most.

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> for months
Even for years but it still won't prevent me from being ignored or whatever. Buming can be for that too.

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>Buming can be for that too.
Then apply "seasoning" next time, retard. Don't need to bump the thread to bump the spoon into your mouth.

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Yeah yeah apply seasoning on ur mom

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He's retarded. The fact that your bumping made him notice this thread is proof that bumping works even on slow boards. It's not like everyone has time to go through every single thread in the catalog. Most people are just gonna look at the top 10-20 threads and then do something else.

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I see some other faggot liked these models too:

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Nevermind this bitter fag, I think I'm starting to recognize him. The same underage guy that gets triggered by the slightest shit. His tendencies to quickly use cuss words proves how childish this guy is IRL.

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I agree. Don't get me wrong - swearing, being aggressive and saying disgusting shit to scare off the normies is one thing (I do it too) but when you're being aggressive for no fucking reason it's just dumb and childish.

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>Microsoft lays off 1,900 Activision Blizzard and Xbox employees
He can't compete with India, sorry not sorry

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>he is here
you should to learn bricklaying before summer or Pablo will get that too.